Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Standard Saga Continues

No reprieve for Tane, Irish Bill, Robinsod and co over at The Standard today, as the fallout over Sunday's revelation about their links to the Labour Party refuses to go away. Bill English has jumped on the bandwagon today - this from

It seems that transparency is a one-way street when you're left-of-centre. Everyone else can be called to be transparent, but the "standard" you expect from everyone else doesn't apply to your own dealings. In the meantime, Insolent Prick has repeatedly asked these questions:

"Are any Standard authors employees of the Labour Party, a Labour Party affiliate union, or Parliamentary or Ministerial Services? You’re asking for some transparency here. Why don’t you be a bit more transparent yourself?"

Has he received an answer? Ummmmm - no! But he has been banned!! Real transparency there - not!!!


Mike Williams says on One News "Labour activists are probably behind The Standard"

Here's the story and video, courtesy of TVNZ:

What say you now Tane, Irish Bill and Co?

And Robinsod - is it true what they say about you and pigs? That you eat them??!!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

No, not a one way street. More like one of them two way mirrors, where the buggers on the left hand side can see you but you don't know they are there.

I have a feeling this episode may well turn out to be especially damaging to Labour if it turns out that all this expensive infrastructure and IT specialists' time has been funded with tax dollars via the good old parliamentary crescent.

Inventory2 said...

I've just posted this at The Standard in response to their latest post, which is full of innuendo:

"You have to laugh. You guys have banned IP for supposedly lying, and yet you openly allow Robinsod and others to make bizarre allegations of bestiality without censure; you accuse Bill English of endorsing Kiwiblog when he doesn't; and you draw a very long bow linking English to comments made on a blog to which he has no input and over which he has no control whatsoever.

Guys, I think you've lost the plot. You are being hypocritical over the whole transparency issue. You want everyone else to meet a level of transparency that you are not prepared to meet yourselves."

NX said...

The Standards silence speaks volumes.

I know the internet is a place where people can say things with no consequence, but even Tane must realise that his brand is damaged beyond repair.

Inventory2 said...

Agreed nx - the absence of a categorical denial, and Tane & Co's bluster has damaged The Standard; beyond repair IMHO. Oh dear; how sad; never mind.

scrubone said...

Heh, I posted to that effect yesterday, abiet sarcastically.

Inventory2 said...

Nice one scrubone! This should have been a non-event, but the ineptitude of The Standard guys, Tane especially, and their economy with the truth has given it legs. Hoist by their own legislation I reckon!

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Well, well, well. Of course Mike Williams is telling the truth. He is a Labour activist and he is funding The Standard.

Anonymous said...

Still don't get it do you?

Turns out that this makes running the Standard a Corrupt Practice under the EFA.

Who gives a F**K about apologies from Mike Williams or even Helen herself.

The only acceptable apology for a corrupt practice is admission of guilt followed immediately by jail time

This is not a joke. Someone should be in jail over this. Are you interested in pissing about - or actually fighting?

Inventory2 said...

Anonymous - to quote the PM - "It's not a hanging offence", and I don't think jail time is in order for this particular indiscetion. I'm just enjoying watching the Standard guys squirm a bit as all their weasel words about a lack of transparency from the right come back to bite them on their respective bums. And the more people who visit the Standard - well, the more people will see the smears, the innuendo, the negative crap and the outright lies - which we now know, courtesy of Mike Williams, are from people who are "probably Labour Party activists". The Standard has been exposed as the de facto blog of the Labour Party - both will sink or swim by virtue of its content, and that's fine by me.