Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is a complete steal from Kiwiblog, but it debunks the myth that National is sleepwalking to victory by saying "me-too" to Labour policy. Bogusnews posted this last evening:

"Bogusnews Says: February 26th, 2008 at 6:16 pm

You labour guys really crack me up when you go on about National not having any policies. Consider the policies Labour has stolen from National such as:

Removing the $1,890 cap on charitable donations. Donations of any amount, up to an individual’s total net income, will be eligible for the 33.3% rebate. Removing the 5% cap on the level of donations that can be deducted by companies and Maori Authorities.
National announced on 27 February 2007; Government announced in 2007 Budget

Full-cost funding for community groups that better covers the true costs of service delivery. Less bureaucracy and fewer compliance costs.
National announced on 16 May 2007; Government announced in 2008 Prime Minister’s Statement

All payments which reimburse volunteers for actual and reasonable expenses will be tax free, regardless of the amount of the payment. Honoraria payments will be tax free up to an amount of $500 per year per person.
National announced on 16 May 2007; Government released a discussion document on 1 November 2007

A greater emphasis on trades training in schools. Giving schools more flexibility to offer their students trades and industry training opportunities outside their school-gates. Expanding school-based apprenticeship training.
National announced on 18 June 2007; Government announced on 30 January 2008

Giving the police the ability to issue time-bound, on-the-spot protection orders to protect families.
National announced on 1 November 2007; Government issued discussion document in mid-December 2007

Committing all fuel tax revenues to the National Land Transport Fund.
National had in 2005 election policy; Labour announced on 25 July 2007

Serious consideration of Public Private Partnerships for roading projects.
National policy for many years – most recently confirmed on 17 Sep 2007; Government announced on 7 February 2008

Allowing lines companies to invest in generation, especially from renewable energy sources.
National had in 2005 election policy; Government introduced with Electricity Industry Reform Amendment Bill, first reading 11 Dec 2007.

Devolving carbon credits to post-1990 forest owners
National announced on 6 March 2007; Government announced on 20 September 2007

An emissions trading scheme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
National proposed on 6 October 2006; Labour announced on 20 September 2007

A multi-year programme of personal tax cuts
National policy for many years; Government announced on 7 February 2008

Reducing the rate of business tax from 33% to 30%
National had in 2005 election policy; Labour announced in 2007 Budget

Promoting housing affordability by freeing up the supply of land and cutting building compliance costs
National announced on 5 Aug 2007; Government announced in 2008 Prime Minister’s Statement

So please Labourites, lay off already on the National has no policies business. It makes me think you are even more blinded by your bias than you are. If anything, Labour’s the one who is pinching policies because they can’t think of their own."

Hat-tip - Kiwiblog and Bogusnews

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