Sunday, June 8, 2008

Nellie No-Friends

I always read Matt McCarten's opinion piece in the Herald on Sunday, but frequently disagree with his conclusions. Today however he has provided a very realistic analysis of the political landscape, which will doubtless make sobering reading for Labour. It's well worth a read. Here's how he closes:

"So we are in an ironic position where Labour needs loyal electoral allies. The Maori and the Green parties, which Labour will need to survive, are hedging their bets.

Labour's decision to do a deal with NZ First and United Future has come back to haunt them. Neither is politically viable and won't survive when their leaders retire. The Green and Maori parties, which will survive long term, were alienated and are now taking their revenge.

On election night, Clark may well find herself in the same position as National three years ago. Key will have many coalition options and Clark none. The irony is that her political isolation will have been self-inflicted."

Helen Clark has long been feted as having mastered the "dark art" of MMP politics, but recently, her touch seems to have deserted her. As the polls increasingly point to Labour's decimation at the election, will she, one night in November, be Nellie No-Friends?

UPDATE: The Hive raises an interesting perspective on McCarten's article:

"Remember when you read this that McCarten is politically active and could well be planning the launch of a party of the left. Would it suit McCarten for Maori to get into bed with the Greens? "



adamsmith1922 said...

I see we thought the same thing

Inventory2 said...

Great minds and all that eh! Like you, I usually read McCarten and chuckle at his naivety, but today he is right on the mark. Mind you, Patrick Starr over at Kiwiblog reckons that Labour and the Maori Party signed a Memorandum of Understanding in February, so who knows!