Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Number-crunching support for the ETS

Paula Oliver reports in the Herald this morning that the government is running out of time to cobble together the numbers to pass the ETS legislation. All I can say is - good!

Here's how the numbers stack up today:

For: Labour (49); Progressives (1) = 50

Against: National (48); ACT (2); UF (2) = 52 (You can almost certainly add Gordon Copeland to this list)

Undecided or unknown: NZ First (7); Greens (6); Maori Party (4); TPF

As Oliver reports, the Maori Party has major reservations. So do the Greens. And it's significant that, on a piece of legislation which is so important to the government, one of their confidence and supply partners (Dunne) has abandoned them.

What concessions will Clark, Cullen & co make to ensure that their "flagship" legislation makes it through the House? Interesting times await us!

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Nx said...

I think the phrase - lame duck government springs to mind.