Friday, July 25, 2008

The Friday Forum - 25/7/08

What a week! We've had some wild weather in the last couple of days, and the forecast for the weekend is grim, so July may end up a golf-free month! Meantime, Mrs Inventory is home and on the road to recovery - huddled opposite the heater, with laptop in situ and cellphone close at hand.

And then of course there has been Winston - and a media conference today which is sure to be entertaining one way or the other. Henry vs Dean #1 is good to go tomorrow, although there will be a dedicated thread on that later. Interest rates are down - what implications will that have for other sectors of the domestic economy? The dissolution of the 48th Parliament is a week nearer, and the ETS Bill has still to return to the House. So there's no shortage of topics for discussion today, but this is still an Tony Veitch-free zone! Other than that, welcome aboard, wear your heart on your sleeve, and rant, rave or bleat to your heart's content!


homepaddock said...

I hope Mrs I is getting the high level of care she received in hospital now she's at home :)

The ETS might have returned to the house, but were it not for my Presbyterian upbringing, I'd bet a little on it not getting passed before the election.

Inventory2 said...

Mrs I is in the best of hands HP - then again, I would say that eh! As for the ETS, I am sure that is the reason that Clark won't condemn Peters - she needs his vote. To get this through, Labour needs two out of the Greens, the Maori Party and Winston First. The MP is the least likely to support Labour, so Clark is obviously prepared to cut Winston plenty of slack. As I said when I posted on this yesterday, it is an outrage; a complete and utter abuse of power.