Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Owen Glenn's words...

Over the course of a number of interviews yesterday, Owen Glenn revealed quite a sharp wit. I'd link to the Campbell Live video, but I can't get audio at the moment. But this article from this morning's NZ Herald recounts some of his best lines - lines such as this:

Michael Cullen then comes up with the theory that perhaps the phone conversation was not with Winston Peters after all, because it was short and Peters was not known for being so succinct.

Glenn begins to look as if he thinks he's dealing with idiots.

He knows Winston Peters. He rang Winston Peters' personal cellphone number to tell him he would give the money. The man who answered sounded like Winston Peters and referred to himself in the first person.

He can't remember if the man who answered actually declared "I am Winston Peters" but there was "no doubt" he spoke to Winston Peters. When Cullen raises the same question, he says: "I knew it wasn't you Dr Cullen. You already had your $500,000."

and this:

He admits he doesn't know the niceties of the hair-splitting game of politics. NZ First and Winston Peters were interchangeable from his perspective. But one thing he knows is business, and "I'm not in the habit of sending $100,000 out of a whim and a fancy".

stand out. But it was John Campbell who gave Glenn the forum for the best line of the day - one which will doubtless be trotted out throughout the election campaign (and one which will take a lot of beating to be Keeping Stock's Monday Quote next week!):

And later on TV3's Campbell Live, he gets a bit of his own back. Labour had "fed him to the lions" to ensure Peters was safe, he says. "I wouldn't want them next to me in the trenches. They'd push you out."


Anonymous said...

If you think that's good - listen to (ironically) RadioSocialism just after 9am.

Labour bought the last election with Owen Glenn's money...

He said so himself!

"without my donations, Labour would not be in government"

Anonymous said...

And OG has slammed Helen Clark (very self-serving), Mike Williams (a liar)and Labour in his press conference.