Friday, February 13, 2009

The Silly Season

It's the 13th of February. The rugby season starts tonight, and the league season is just a few weeks away. And yet the Black Caps still have two matches to play in Australia, followed by a tour from India which will last into April.

And it's set to get worse! John "Possum-head" O'Neill, the CEO of Australian rugby wants the Super 14 expanded, and worse still, wants another Australian team. That troubles us. Australia barely has the player depth to fill four S14 teams, let alone a fifth. But unfortunately, O'Neill has a habit of getting what he wants.

Unlike some, we will watch the occasional S14 match, especially those involving our beloved Hurricanes, ever hopeful that one day, they might shed the monkey from their back. But much as we love rugby, it really is a bit much to be playing our winter game in the middle of a very hot summer.


pdm said...

This year is the first since the first couple of seasons of Super 12that the Hurricanes have picked a team that remotely represents the area the Hurricanes covers. Even then there seems to me to be some oddities in their selections - such as:

* Weepu at first five when they have the capable Ripia and a possible future star in Kirkpatrick.
* The erratic Ellison when they have the very capable Kawau from the draft.
* Bryn Evans, even though he is a good HB lad, ahead of Thrush who is touted as a future AB.

Finally it is a shame Andrew Hore is not captaining the team. So'oialo, like Umaga before him, has never impressed me as an `on field' leader and has been a key man in most AB, Hurricane and Wgtn chokes over the years.

By the way INV2 while I am not watching Super 14 until April I am doing Virtual Rugby (call me the H word if you like) - are you in?

Inventory2 said...

I am indeed pdm - under the highly original name of Inventory1! Are you under pdm? If so, I'll add you to my mates list, and we can peer review one another!!

pdm said...

I am - dids.

goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

showmethetaxcut said...


Who is your new girl friend?

BTW like the way the black caps are going.

Barnsley Bill said...

"The monkeys in the backs"
Not a very pc way to describe what ails the Hurricanes.