Monday, May 4, 2009

Another beat-up

According to the Herald website and to One News, the National Party candidate selection meeting tonight is a jack-up, because Melissa Lee has already been selected. What a load of poppycock! Here's what the Herald had to say:

National is holding a meeting in Auckland suburb Mt Albert this evening to select its candidate - but someone in the party has already decided who it is going to be.

The National Party Mainland Conference agenda lists Mt Albert candidate MP Melissa Lee as a speaker.

The by-election to fill the seat left vacant by former Prime Minister Helen Clark, who held it for 27 years, takes place on June 13. Nominations close on May 19.

However, the ever-reliable Ele at Homepaddpock tells a different story - compare this (our emphasis added):

But it’s the paper that’s got it wrong. I’ve got a copy of the official programme and it says:

Address by Mt Albert’s List MP Melissa Lee.

Note the difference between Mount Albert candidate which she may or may not be after tonight’s selection, and Mount Albert’s list MP which she is.

The programme notes her position as buddy MP for the electorate which isn’t represented by National, it’s not second guessing the selection process.

And as she breathlessly told the nation about the "jack-up that isn't", Fran Mold actually read out the words "Mt Albert List MP" from the National Party papers she had "obtained", shooting herself in the foot in the process!

No wonder the MSM is held in such contempt ....

UPDATE: WhaleOil confirms the selection of Melissa Lee tonight as the National Party candidate - it's game on!


homepaddock said...

I don't hold the MSM in contempt but do despair about this sort of thing which makes a story out of misunderstanding the facts.

Inventory2 said...

Fair call Ele - perhaps "contempt" was a tad hyperbolic, but I would love to watch the news one evening for news content alone as opposed to the sexed-up sensantionalism which is served up on both channels every night. Surely, if a news item can't stand on its own merits without the beat-up treatment, it shouldn't be being reported.

adamsmith1922 said...

I have given up on TV News.

The rubbish is unacceptable

Anonymous said...

Members of Parliament are either constituent MPs or List MPs.

"Mt Albert's List MP" is a misnomer.

Even the ever-reliable Ele from Homepaddock cannot correctly confer such a title on anyone.

Anonymous said...

edit - Constituency MPs.