Thursday, June 11, 2009

"They played with my life"

So says one of the victims of Kumar Choudary's immigration fraud. And according to the Herald, "they" includes Richard Worth's temptress, Neelam Choudary - have a read of this:

The husband of the woman who accused ousted minister Richard Worth of sending her sleazy text messages was convicted of an immigration scam.

One of the victims of the scams run by her husband says she is a "troublemaker".

A troublemaker eh? My goodness; that's the last thing that Phil Goff will be wanting to read while he eats his organic meusli this morning. We reckon he'll cough and splutter over this bit too:

Mrs Choudary, who has two children, unsuccessfully sought selection as Labour's candidate in the Botany electorate last year.

Her husband's scam tricked more than 20 Indian and Chinese immigrants into paying thousands of dollars for job offers to submit to Immigration NZ to get residency.

When they went to work in the jobs, they found they did not exist.

One of the victims, Siddesh Sajjan, last night told the Herald he met Kumar and Neelam Choudary in 2002 and paid them $3500 for a job offer that turned out to be fake.

He said that although Neelam Choudary was not charged, "she is a troublemaker".

"They played with my life. You don't just take someone's life and play with it like that."

Mr Sajjan said he would try to contact Mr Goff and Dr Worth today to tell them about Mrs Choudary.

Strangely enough, Fearless Phil is trying to back away from this mess right now but he can't - it's his mess! And rest assured - we'll be doing whatever we can to remind him of that. And we are hugely suspicious of the timing of all of this, but that's another story for later.

Whilst this doesn't totally exonerate Richard Worth - he's still shown a level of naivety you wouldn't expect from a Minister - Phil Goff's "sex for jobs" allegations would appear to be in tatters - rather like Phil Goff's credibility.


Anonymous said...

Often on a windy day little bits of rubbish get caught in the corners of buildings, in whirlpools of wind, and as the day goes on more and more rubbish is attracted to the same mobile trash heap. But sooner or later, the cleaner comes to collect it and we see no more of that pesky swirling rubbish.

pdm said...

Issn't it time Worth released the txts he received from this Choudary woman.

I have a `gut feeling' she lead him on and probably gave as good as she got.

Inventory2 said...

Indeed pdm - the texts that were released yesterday definitely read more like those in a series of exchanges than one-offs which were unwanted and not responded to.

Worth is still a dork for even contemplating consorting with the enemy, but it is becoming increasingly apparent that he has been set up, and that Goff was in the loop.