Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Espiner on gimmicks

Guyon Espiner blogs on the TVNZ website about Labour's gaffes of the last few days, but we found his comment about the proposed "Banking inquiry" very interesting and amusing:

I see Labour is having another go. Having failed to win a proper select committee inquiry into whether the banks' interest rates are too high, they are teaming up with the Greens and Jim Anderton to hold their own "inquiry" - one with no standing, no authority and no power.

Essentially they'll be sitting in a room, preaching to the converted. Looks like a gimmick to me. Looks like Labour hasn't fully realised it was turfed out of power.

My advice would be: You're not in government, stop acting like you are. For now, do the work of her majesty's loyal opposition and critique the government. That's your job.

Indeed. Until Labour stops being in denial about last year's election result, Phil Goff's future as Opposition Leader seems assured!

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