Friday, July 24, 2009

No more Progressives?

While we were over at NBR looking at DPF's piece, we came across another interesting story:

The Progressive Party is effectively standing aside at the next election and its members have been told they are free to join Labour if they want to.

Party leader Jim Anderton says in his latest newsletter that working with Labour is the best way promote Progressive Party ideas in mainstream politics.

He said he had discussed dual membership with Labour's New Zealand Council and there were no problems with it.

"This means Progressive Party members are free to join their local Labour Party branch and retain their Progressive Party membership," he said.

A spokesman told NZPA the Progressive Party would not run a candidate list at the 2011 election and would not campaign for the party vote.

Mr Anderton is its only MP. He has held the Wigram electorate -- previously known as Sydenham -- since 1984.

In last year's election the Progressive Party won less than 1 percent of the party vote.

Without Mr Anderton's grip on Wigram it would need to break the 5 percent threshold to hold any seats.

The decision not to run a candidate list in 2011 means that Mr Anderton, who has turned 70, will continue to be its sole MP -- if he decides to stay in politics and if he again won Wigram.

He has not announced his intentions but since the election there has been speculation that this could be his last term in Parliament.

So - it looks like it's farewell to Jim the Progressive, and to his party of one. We can only assume that Jim the Progressive doesn't see Rogernomes Phil Goff and Annette King as the future of the Labour Party, and that he can now walk away, having exorcised the devil from the Labour Party.

Will Peter Dunne take a hint?


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

More important still, will they still cream off their huge state funding for a fake separate bullshit political party?

I hope somebody sends this newsletter to Mr Speaker with a complaint.

Inventory2 said...

Very good point Adolf - you or I - or both of us?

NX said...

And not a moment too soon.

My prediction (and hope) at the last election was we'd see Helen, Michael, Winston, and Jim's careers come to a close.

3 outta 4 aint bad.

Inventory2 said...

Dead right NX - now we just need Peter Possumhead to see the light!