Friday, January 29, 2010

This Sporting Life - 29/1/2010

It's been a relatively quiet sporting week this week, although we're delighted that Central Districts will host the HRV Cup T20 final in New Plymouth on Sunday. With an invite to the rich IPL Champions' League up for grabs, this should be a cracker of a match at arguably the most picturesque cricket ground in the world. Sheesh, we might even wander up there ...

We have been watching some of the Aussie Open tennis though. It was sad to see Raffa Nadal succumb to injury again, and his rivalry with Roger Federer is again on hold - that's a real shame for the sport. But has there been a better player than Federer? We go back a long way, and we can't remember one.

And what can you say about Serena? Down a set and two breaks against Victoria Azarenka in the quarter-final, she staged an incredible comeback to win going away, and will now meet Justine Henin in the "dream final" for the organisers. It's been a great fortnight of tennis so far.

So what have you been playing or watching? The floor is yours ...

POSTSCRIPT: We note with sadness the death from cancer of former Springbok loosie Ruben Kruger at the far-too-young age of 39. Kruger was a hard man, and played a pivotal role in SA's 1995 RWC triumph. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who survive him.


pdm said...

The most amazing headline of the Sporting Year will surely be:

Ross Taylor named Vice captain of the Black caps - but don't tell anyone.

Justin Vaughan surely now vies with Steve Tew as the most incompetent sporting administrator in New Zealand.

pdm said...

Then of course at stuff we have:
`Unsatisfied Smaill turns it on'

What is his wife doing if he is unsatisfied or did Tiger get all of the girls.

The word is dissatisfied.

My old English Teacher would have made us write that out 100 time if we made that mistake.

Inventory2 said...

Sadly pdm, a command of the English language no longer seems to be a prerequisite for entry into journalism.

I agree about Vaughan - I had high hopes, but he seems to stagger from blunder to blunder.

James Stephenson said...

With respect to your post-script...does whoever distributes films in this country expect anyone not resident on the North Shore to go and see the airbrushing of history that is "Invictus"? Hmmm?

I seem to have spent the entire week flicking to the sports channels to give a big "Who cares?" to men playing girls games and Andrew Mulligan wetting his knickers about Americans wearing body armour poncing about between advertising breaks...

Anyway, I'm hoping I can intercept a replay of Utd v City from Old Trafford - looks like that was a corker...

Leg Break said...

”Anyway, I'm hoping I can intercept a replay of Utd v City from Old Trafford - looks like that was a corker...”,

You do realise this was the League Cup? You know; the trophy that Ferg normally sends out his Under 16s for.

Shit, someone did a great media hatchet job of hyping this one up.

Inventory2 said...

James - I won't be going to watch Invictus either. And apparently, there's no mention of illness or Suzy the Waitress!!

XChequer said...

I'm unsure why but the state of NZ cricket at the mo really worries me.

Perhaps I'm a bit of an anachronism now but I grew up travelling to Lancaster Park, watching fantastic games in the era of Hadlee, Cairns et al. Having known a couple of the players from that era, I have always known that there was an enormous amount of team politics played outside the public eye. Hadlee and Coney's famous stoush was one that became so vehement that it actually became public knowledge.

Now this increasing power given to Lukas and it's consolidation with the bringing in of Taylor to the "management structure" seems fraught with the possibility of complete system breakdown.

But Dan continues to bring home results - at least personally - always coming to the rescue.

Perhaps it is time for NX Cricket to take a leaf from the Super 15 and Trans Tasman Netball books and try to merge with the Sheffield Shield to bolster our depth.

I dunno. I just worry about where our No. 1 (supposedly) summer game is heading.


James Stephenson said...

Yes LB I do realise, but local derbies are local derbies and Fergie knew even he wouldn't be forgiven if he followed going out of the FA Cup to Leeds with a League cup exit to city...I saw a wee snippet of the match report on UK Sky the other morning and the fans were going proper mental..

Leg Break said...


When was the last time Vettori bowled us to victory?

XChequer said...

Shot, LB.

Deftly dribbled down the leg side.

I don't think it's our bowling that is the real issue though we could do with Jake Orams 135kph mediums coming back when he was at his best.

The trick is our paper thin depth in batting. Sure, our guys perform well within the scope of the domestic competition, but when it comes time for international duty consistency is lacking.

Leg Break said...

last 2 years, O’Brien, have retired.

Perhaps I’m being unusually optimistic but I’m picking Ingram, who must be a near certainty for the test side now, will make a difference.

And to answer my own question. 2nd test v Sri Lanka. Hamilton. 1997

XChequer said...

In other news, I'm unsure if this is really a sporting story or should be listed under "media drama" but:

When will they just get out and sail. These guys are ruining the "sport" for all.

XChequer said...


I thought the question was rhetorical!

I love trivia. Will contribute more if there are other trivia boffs here.

Leg Break said...

Ooh XC; you like trivia?

Try this thread ; >100 pages of it..

And you’re right; Americas Cup is not sport

Leg Break said...

Bloody html

Try this thread ; >100 pages of it..

XChequer said...


pdm said...


With Williams Blues slip from being contenders for 4th or 5th to likely 7th 0r 8th place.

NZ Rugby World Cup hopes dive.

Henry wishes Deans had been given the job.

pdm said...

Ooops - should read:

With Williams gone...............etc

Leg Break said...

Serves him right for playing rugby in January.