Sunday, January 31, 2010

We should think so!

The Sunday Star-Times is suggesting that our kindred blogger WhaleOil is not the only person who dislikes name suppression laws. The school which employs the teacher accused of sex acts against children wants him named - read on:

A top primary school which employs a teacher accused of grooming and paying boys for sex acts will apply to the court to have the man's name suppression lifted.

A lawyer for the decile-10 school on Auckland's North Shore, Tim Allan, last night said the school had been hamstrung by the interim suppression order and was upset that it cast unfair suspicion on "great, hardworking male teachers who have done nothing wrong".

The school would like nothing more than to out the accused to the school community and would look into whether it had jurisdiction to try to have it lifted as soon as possible, he said.

"Without wanting to be critical of the judge... it's put the school in a very difficult position."

It does indeed. Every male teacher at every decile-10 school on the North Shore is now under suspicion. The parents of every child attending every decile-10 primary school on the North Shore will be wondering whether a teacher at THEIR school is a kiddie-fiddler.

And guess what - celebrity name suppression rears its ugly head again (our emphasis added):

The middle-aged teacher – who has name suppression but is a relative of a high-profile New Zealander – appeared in the North Shore District Court on Friday to face six charges relating to indecent acts on two boys, aged 16. He entered no plea and was bailed to reappear next month.

Police allege, between 2005 and September last year, the man met the two complainants at a North Shore supermarket and arranged for them to travel with him to carry out indecent acts on him.

We applaud the school for its attempts at transparency. It currently cannot even notify the Teachers' Council as to do so would breach the suppression order. That is ridiculous, in our humble and considered opinion. Parents have a right to know who this alleged scumbag is, as does every other male teacher on the North Shore; they do not deserve the sidesways glances they will be undoubtably be getting until the identity of this ALLEGED paedophile is known.


Anonymous said...

You're taking the Michael right?

On the other hand he probably does need Dobbyng in.

But you can't dob him in if you're sailing in the Hauraki Gulf on a primary vessel.

Ozy Mandias said...

From a male teaching position I agree with name supression. Infact I am in favour of name supression. As soon as you name that person their career is over. No school would ever employ you again.

Is that fair??

However, the question must be asked is it fair for that person to still hold a position and teach while under investigation??

Is a better answer to this whole name supression issue a ban on all media information on cases prior to a verdict?