Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cleaning up hypocrisy II

We blogged last week about Labour's hypocrisy over parliamentary cleaners' wages. Some people, it seems, never learn!

Darien Fenton is at it again. Over at Red Alert, she blogs:

After protesting at parliament last week, followed by Labour MPs writing to the speaker, cleaners at Parliament have sent their own letter to the Speaker, asking him to assist. This is a big deal for these cleaners to do this, just as it was for them to protest outside parliament last week – they’ve never done it before and as they say, they are largely invisible, working during the night when politicians are sleeping to keep their offices clean and maintained to a high standard.

Meanwhile, I want to introduce you to Jaine Ikurere, who cleans John Key’s office. She’s signed the letter, and like the other cleaners at Parliament, earns just $12.55 an hour.

I hope Mr Speaker listens to Jaine and her fellow cleaners.

Oh, Darien! She still hasn't answered bikerkiwi's question from the last time that she blogged about this - what were the cleaners earning 15 months ago, and why didn't Labour do something about their wages if they were so low? And given that the former Speaker, Margaret Wilson was a former Minister of Labour, you'd think SHE would have done something about it.

Wethinks that Darien Fenton is after Chris Carter's job - that of Shadow Minister of Own Goals. Her, and Labour's hypocrisy on this issue is breathtaking.

Postscript: We've just scanned the comments section of Fenton's post, and bikerkiwi has asked some more searching questions:

bikerkiwi says:

Just out of interest –
What was the advertised wage for the job she applied for?
What was the wage she accepted when offered?
What was the wage she signed for in her employment contract?

Yep – must have come as a shock.

No sympathy – and sadly – it smacks of labour pandering, again.

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