Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jacinda tells the truth

Jacinda Ardern let the cat out of the bag on the Young Guns segment of Breakfast just a moment ago. Asked "How can you say "Axe the Tax" when you're not going to axe the tax?" by both Simon Bridges AND Paul Henry (and isn't it great to have him back?) she replied:

It probably should be "Axe the Tax Rise", but that doesn't look snappy on a billboard

So there you have it folks. Labour is not only asking you and I to pay for the bus trip around the nation, but it's all based on a porkie. Jacinda Ardern might think that it's a giggling matter; we don't, and we doubt that our fellow taxpayers do either.

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Anonymous said...

Jacinda is a junior player in the labour camp and your going off a comment she made that she feels may better reflect their stance. It's a far cry from lying. You also make comment about tax payer money which is perfectly legal and none of your business. But I suppose whatever gets your rocks off. GO FOR IT