Thursday, April 1, 2010

The PM drops a hint

We don't have a tipline like some of our kindred bloggers. But from time to time, we get interesting e-mails. Last night was one such occasion.

One of our erudite readers pointed us in the direction of this story from the Herald website, and we liked what we saw. Here's how it begins:

Prime Minister John Key has hinted that Labour's ministerial credit card records will reveal far higher levels of spending than those of his ministers.

Now we've blogged previously about the pending release of information which might be very revealing as to the spending habits of the past administration. And it seems that John Key revelled in the opportunity to twist the knife a little yesterday - read on (our emphasis added):

Previously information released did not include any detail, but since the release, media organisations have requested the last government's credit card statements.

Mr Key said he had been told of what is to come.

"I understand from Ministerial Services they are working through boxes and boxes and boxes of information to release to you all (the press gallery) on previous Governments and their spending," Mr Key said

"I think what you are going to find it when you see it, is that the world has changed a lot from even the last regime. We are actually quite conservative and I suspect we will be a lot more conservative in the future."

Oh dear. Any sense of anticipation of the Easter recess that former ministers held has just been dashed, and doesn't John Key know it! We suspect that the next few weeks are going to be a VERY nervous time for those who held warrants in Helen Clark's government; both those still in the House, and those (like the former MP for Auckland Central) who wish they were.

We can't hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

Might pay to remember this quote:

Labour leader Phil Goff said he did not believe Mr Heatley should get his job back.

"There need to be sanctions against any person at any time who has that sense of entitlement and misspends Crown money."

From NZ Herald Mar 31, 2010

Inventory2 said...

Thanks for that Anon - it has been duly filed away for future reference.

Unfortunately for Mr Goff, his words have a habit of coming back and biting him on the bum!