Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Britain's new PM

Britain has a new Prime Minister. The Beeb reports:

Conservative leader David Cameron is the new UK prime minister after the resignation of Gordon Brown.

Mr Cameron, 43, entered 10 Downing Street after travelling to Buckingham Palace to formally accept the Queen's request to form the next government.

He said he aimed to form a "proper and full coalition" with the Lib Dems to provide "strong, stable government".

His party won the most seats in the UK general election last week, but not an overall majority.

In a speech outside his new Downing Street home, Mr Cameron said he and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg would "put aside party differences and work hard for the common good and the national interest".

He paid tribute to outgoing PM Gordon Brown for his long years of public service and said he would tackle Britain's "pressing problems" - the deficit, social problems and to "rebuild trust in our political system".

Mr Cameron stressed there would be "difficult decisions" but said he wanted to take people through them to reach "better times ahead".

Well done David Cameron; you've won the job, but now the REAL work starts! There are indeed tough times ahead for Cameron and his government, and undoing the damage done by 13 years of a Labour government will take time. Today's developments though are the first step in the right direction.


Murray said...

Well this is an embarsment for those kiwis who voted for the system and couldn't make it work.

the damn poms get it without asking for it and sort it out within a few days.

course we had Winston First... could be something in that.

pdm said...

I think Cameron has made a very good start. An excellent speech when he arrived at Downing Street.

Maybe they should not have given way so quickly on the Voting Referendum but it is something to hold over the LibDems if they try to pull any tricks ah la Peters.