Friday, June 4, 2010

This Sporting Life - 4/6/2010

Welcome to the first edition of This Sporting Life for the winter of 2010!

Rugby takes a bit of a back seat this weekend; the Super 14 is done and dusted, and the All Blacks' season doesn't start until next weekend. The Wallabies are playing Fiji in Canberra tomorrow (who scheduled THAT venue?), so we can only speculate that our mates from across the ditch weren't confident of involvement in the S14 final by scheduling a test match the following week!

So it's football that has our attention just at the moment, and it's less than two weeks until the All Whites have their first World Cup hit-out. And it's only 8 days until the tournament starts; we're really looking forward to it. The All Whites' preparation continues tomorrow morning with a match against Slovenia, not to be confursed with Slovakia, whom we'll meet at the tournament proper, We'll report in due course. In the meantime, check out this story from today's Herald; a team effort from Chris Rattue, Dylan Cleaver and Winston Aldworth, and well worth a read.

Other than that, Tiger's playing at Jack's place, and we can't see anything other than a flogging for the Warriors against the Dragons. Have we missed anything? You'll tell us, no doubt!

The floor is, as always, yours ...


James Stephenson said...

Sporting thoughts later...T.Walcott on his way to a career as the answer to a sports trivia question...but this thing with the seasons following exact three-month blocks that you Kiwis do bugs the hell out of me.

Winter starts at the solstice, that's the 21st.

Inventory2 said...

Whatever JS; we all know that summer in Yorkshire starts at the solstice, and ends a week later!

As for Walcott; the young hope of English football four years ago ... still, he'll only be 25 when the next World Cup comes around, by which time he might be starting at The Arse.

pdm said...

It was snowing in London before the solstice last winter JS. If you want to live with us kiwis get with the programme.

Anyone know where I can get a couple of Kiwi flags for the car in London - the pommie nutters all have them.

James Stephenson said...

Just think where this country would be without all the great Yorkshiremen who have influenced it - James Cook, James Speight, Barnsley Bill ;)

I've just seen the clip of the Spanish goalie complaining about the official WC ball and conparing it to something you'd buy at the gas station. Classic.

Sorry can't help with your flag search pdm, there's a bloke down the road has one of them Tinotangyrear ones on his Humvee though...

pdm said...

I am still loking for a Golden Boot winner. My first request elicited:
Messi - Argentina
Ronaldo - Portugal
Rooney - Pomerania

I don't go Rooney - I think he will break down, Crouch might be a better bet. But how about:

Torres - Spain. He is the pretty boy who plays for Liverpool I think.
Henri - could he hand ball a few more?

Surely Brazil must have someone - Ronaldinho (sp) perhaps or some other bright prospect. As always Brazil will be my pick for tournament winners.

Ozy Mandias said...

French Open coming to a close with an Aussie girl the favourite.

Walcott was always on the outer up against a man from Spurs. Needs to move or start getting more game time.

PDM - Rooney needs about 5 games on the trot to get anywhere near form, although I hope I'm wrong. Germany always has a goal scorer. And often some stirker from a random team has a ripper.

James Stephenson said...

pdm - your Brazilian candidate is Luis Fabiano of Seville.

Historically 6 goals is enough to win the GB, and the winner's team will need to at least be a quarter finalist.

I'm going Torres and Spain* FTW.

*Baseless lemming-like optimism for England aside.

Inventory2 said...

I'd have to agree on Torres JS; but anypne, as long as we don't have to endure Crouch's Robot Dance, which always reminds me of John Cleese's Ministry of Silly Walks sketch from the grand old days of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

Anton said...

Don't write off my boy Drogba for the Golden Boot. Old wily fox sven might get the north african boys through long as they don't wear that dreadful kit they wore in the warm up with paraguay.

And on the Rugby front...Japan playing NOrth Harbour as well. Should see the cherry blossoms romp home but JK on Radio Sport this morning saying he expects a close game.

come on the All Whites

Bearhunter said...

@ Anton: I saw that NH vs Japan game previewed on Stuff today. They seem to think it's an international. Never realised North Harbour had seceded...

Anton said...

of course its an international Bear. Browns bay is little johannesberg. Need my passport to get over the bridge now. Just wish some of the Bulls players would come settle here too

oh...and my vote goes to Jeff Wilson for president of the Peoples republic of Albany (unless that's the real reason michael laws is standing down)