Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We've entered ..

Like Ele over at Homepaddock, we've sent off our entry to the Air New Zealand Best Blog Awards. We haven't entered because we think we have a chance of winning; there are far better blogs around than our little effort. But we believe that it's great that bloggers are being recognised.

Of course. the Air New Zealand Best Blog Awards are a swipe at the Qantas Media Awards, where the nominated "best blogs" are largely from within the "old" media. It shows a certain naivety on the part of the Qantas organisers, or perhaps just an unwillingness to acknowledge the new media; probably the latter!

Anyway, with the preamble out of the way, here's what we finally decided to enter:

As we said above, we have no expectations of success, but it has been a useful exercise in reflection on what we've posted in the past, and where we might look to make changes going forward. That, we reckon, can only be a good thing!


Anonymous said...

How does one enter? I wouldn't mind having a go as well? Thanks.


Inventory2 said...


All the details are there Rosa

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I'm in it too, not a chance, but what the heck!