Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jim semi-retires

Jim "Ol' Man River" Anderton is lightening his workload, not that it is particularly arduous to begin with - this from Scoop:

Anderton hands over agriculture portfolio

Anderton hands over agriculture portfolio

MP for Wigram and Progressive Party leader, Jim Anderton, today announced he is handing over the role of opposition agriculture spokesperson.

“I want to give someone else the opportunity to get up to speed before next year’s election, given that I won’t be standing again,” Jim Anderton said.

“In my time remaining as an MP, I have decided to prioritise workable models for affordable dental treatment and the reform of alcohol legislation.”

So Jim is no longer going to be Labour's agriculture spokeperson, even though he's not OFFICIALLY a member of the Labour Party. What a load of bollocks.

Jim Anderton is standing for the Christchurch mayoralty. One doesn't have to be Einstein to realise that his decision today to hand over his portfolio has NOTHING to do with giving someone else the opportunity to learn the role, and EVERYTHING to do with giving him time to campaign to run against Bob Parker.

Jim Anderton must think that the electorate is stupid. He already draws a leader's budget for a party which exists in name only. Now he's going to campaign for yet another job, and you and we, dear taxpayers will be footing the bill.

Oscar Hammerstein's lyrics are dead right:

But Ol' Man River; he jes' keep rollin' along

It's time to call Jim Anderton on this. He is a trougher par excellence, and his ability to spend Other People's Money knows no bounds. We hope that the good folk of Christchurch take note of this latest bout of largesse.


Anonymous said...

If one doesn't have to be Einstein why does one need to point it out in a post? Your low estimation of the reading public aside, Anderton merely stands for what you do not. So why the focus on him – on the negative? Why not write some positive stuff about Steven Joyce or Chris Finlayson, both of whom are very adroit. Just my 2 cents. – Chantelle.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, go Bob! Dave Henderson needs you!

Inventory2 said...

Food for thought; thanks Chantelle. FWIW, I agree with you about Joyce and Finlayson; two of the better-performing ministers, Finlayson's messy pecuniary interest declarations apart.

homepaddock said...

Chantelle - focussing only on the positive is a form of censorship.

Anderton has run his one-man vanity vehicle for years so he can get extra money as a party leader and he's going to spend the next few months campaigning to be mayor while being paid to be MP.

Even if we all know that, it's legitimate to repeat it to reinforce the message it's wrong.

Inventory2 said...

Not only that Ele; he continues to receive a leader's budget for a party which is going to tell its members to vote for another party next year. The Progressives aren't even going to be campaigning for the party vote; little wonder that opprobrium is directed at their leader.