Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Say it isn't so!

Please, tell us that our worst nightmare isn't about to come true - from the Dom-Post:

Speculation is rife that NZ First leader Winston Peters and his former adviser Michael Laws are to team up again as part of a "relaunch" of the party this year.

Neither Mr Laws, who is to stand down as Whanganui mayor this year, nor Mr Peters would confirm the rumours. But MPs from both sides of the House and sources close to NZ First said they were aware of plans.

One source said Mr Peters had indicated he wanted to relaunch the party this year.

The annual conference will be in Christchurch in late October.

Speculation about Mr Laws has focused on the Whanganui seat, held by National's Chester Borrows with a majority of 6333.

But he has also been linked with Dunedin North, held by Labour's Pete Hodgson, who is retiring.

If NZ First won an electorate seat, it would then qualify for list seats even if it fell short of the 5 per cent threshold.

And ever the game-player, Laws isn't talking:

Mr Laws said he had nothing to say about the issue. "I am not interested in talking to you at all."

The possibility of a Lazarus-like comeback for Peters, with Laws at his side, is just too awful to contemplate. Please, someone say it isn't so!


PM of NZ said...


Competition at last.

Inventory2 said...

Well, it won't be boring, thast's for sure!

I'd be disappointed if Laws stood against Chester Borrows though, after the work they did together to get the gang patch law through. Perhaps Dunners would be the go for him.

pdm said...

Laws will give Peters the strategist he has been lacking but it is still hard to see him or Peters winning a seat anywhere.

Laws certainly would not win Ohariu even if Dunne stood down. I cannot see the residents of Tawa, Johnsonville and Churton Park supporting him, Peters or NZ First.

Anton said...

Thats brilliant.

i am not a Peters or laws fan but they certainly will add another dimension to what is shaping up to be a very interesting 2011 campaign. So on that note its great news. Just lets hope he doesn't end up playing kingmaker ...again

Manolo said...

A strong possibility indeed. And made possible for the imbecility of this government hellbent on finding ingenious ways of taxing us more, e.g., GST, ACC, and ETS.

I despise the venal Peters, but his comeback is almost a reality. Another consequence of Key and his spineless government.

homepaddock said...

Anyone remember the $158,000 question?

pdm said...

Good point HP - as far as Ohariu goes doesn't Dunne and his lot still owe about $50,000?

Inventory2 said...

Good point Ele. I wonder if he still has the sign!

Anonymous said...

This blog is all cut and paste from other sources. A rather sanctimonious tone about everything and an inability to view issues from another perspective. Which would be fine except it's a christian blogger so is particularly hypocritical, though unsurprising. FAIL. 1 out of 10.

Anonymous said...

Anything to get Key out of power. He's just terrible, out for himself, power-hungry and extremely deaf. I'll vote for Laws and Peters just to see the back of Key, now that would be ironic.