Saturday, July 10, 2010


WhaleOil is going to be delighted; we've just read this in the Herald:

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams is standing for the Super City mayoralty, promising to inject his own colourful style of politics into the contest.

Mr Williams has started as he means to go on, firing potshots at the two heavyweight contenders Auckland City Mayor John Banks and Manukau Mayor Len Brown, and comparing himself to unconventional mayors, such as London's Boris Johnson and Invercargill's Tim Shadbolt.

"Unconventional" doesn't even begin to describe Andrew Williams. His term as North Shore mayor has been full of controversy, and highlighted by irrational late night texts to the Prime Minister, comparisons of himself to the risen Christ, and the infamous stagger and leak after a drinking session at a North Shore restaurant. Around the blogosphere he is variously known as the Mad Mayor, the Leaky Mayor and the Clown of Campbell's Bay.

And how will Len Brown be feeling this morning? He's supposedly the left's "chosen one"; until now that is, with Williams' entry into the race. And the only one who will benefit from the left's infighting will be John Banks.

The Auckland Supercity mayoralty race just got a whole lot more colourful, that's for sure!


pdm said...

wellington is known world wide as the windy city.

Auckland can now be called the Looney City.

alex Masterley said...

PDM, well said.
These people are precisely the reason that the super city is needed.
Quite frankly if some-one like Cameron Brewer to put his hand up to run as a candidate for the mayoralty he would be a shoe-in instead of the tired old hacks we have now.
BTW superb day in Auckland. Once the sun goes down tonight it well get cold pretty quickly and there will be some dew on the ground.

Inventory2 said...

Great day in Wanganui too, so no excuses at golf today. Speaking of Wanganui, maybe Michael Laws has foregone the local mayoralty for a shot at the big-time; just saying ...