Friday, August 27, 2010

Are Herald journo's reading blogs?

We ask that question in relation to our blog-post this morning on the death of two innocent motorists in Christchurch overnight.

When we blogged at the obscene hour of 5.24am, the Herald's online headline read:

Two dead in police pursuit crash in Christchurch

Now it's changed. At this moment, the Herald's online headline reads:

Two killed in collision with car fleeing police

That's a huge improvement. We doubt that the headline has changed as a result of our blogging, but who knows; it may have. There has been no shortage of comment around the blogosphere and social media this morning on this case, and a good prortion of it criticises the media for the use of language that directly or indirectly infers that the police are responsible for this tragedy.

So whatever prompted the Herald to change its headline, we applaud them. Their current offering is factual, and points the finger in the right direction.


gravedodger said...

If it was your intervention at that unacceptable hour then well done and thankyou. This perp is only suitable for using as the precursor to dogsh*t, I will not be at all sad if he dosn't come out the main door of ICU but is trollied down to the morgue.

homepaddock said...

Leighton Smith used that phrase on Newztalk ZB this morning too.

Whether or nothe and the Herald read it here first, your point is well made - it's the driver of the fleeing car who is to blame not the police.

Rich Prick said...

A good start, but I would go further. It wasn't the car fleeing police, it was the DRIVER.

Inventory2 said...

I pondered commenting on that RP, but the semantics were to tough - it was the driver fleeing the police, but it was the car that collided with the other car reulting in the deaths. The important fact was that the Herald took the focus away from the police and onto the scumbag who was running from them.

alex Masterley said...

The hearld reports that the oick has been charged but have gone back to calling it police pursuit crash.