Friday, August 13, 2010

Labour's telling whoppers - again!

Newstalk ZB ran an interesting story at 10am (our emphasis added):

National's describing a pamphlet being distributed by Labour on the GST increase as deceptive and misleading.

The leaflet has been sent out by electorate MPs and describes how power, phone, rates, food and car prices all going to increase come October 1.

But the figures are calculated at 15 percent extra rather than the actual increase of two and a half percent.

National MP Craig Foss discovered the leaflet in his electorate and is furious because it's got the figures wrong and doesn't tell people they are being compensated with tax cuts.

Mr Foss says what's worse is that it's funded by the Labour leader's office - in other words, the taxpayer.

Goodness; surely the Labour Party wouldn't tell fibs would they? Fancy trying to peddle the line that GST is going up by the amount it is going up to! Which of Labour's economic wizards wrote the pamphlet, we wonder?

It raises a couple of other points too; was it not the Labour Party which introduced GST in 1986? Indeed it was, and ironically, the Labour leader whose office funded this pamphlet was a member of the Labour cabinet which introduced GST. That same Labour leader, the Hon Phil Goff was an even more senior member of the Labour cabinet which increased GST from 10% to 12.5% in July 1989, without any compensatory rise in comes or reduction in taxation.

Yes dear readers; Phil Goff is a hypocrite. His budget also extended to a bus trip around the country earlier in the year under the by-line Axe the Tax. Of course, Goff has since admitted that Labour has no plans at all to axe the GST increase, but that the party DOES plan to roll back the tax cuts which will offset the GST rise. Once again, a large number of New Zealanders would be worse off thanks to Phil Goff's policies.

We reckon that this is further evidence that Labour has learned nothing from its pledge card deception in 2005, and its defeat in 2008. Labour's strategists expect New Zealanders to buy their bluff and blunder, where facts matter far less than that scaremongering. We'd be prepared to wager that Pete Hodgson was involved in some way in the production of this pamphlet. If this is going to be Labour's message, then bring on a few by-elections!


PM of NZ said...

Whale was onto it few days ago, as was I. Your'e right - 12.5% of all GST is Labour's.

Inventory2 said...

Cheers for that PM - better late than never I suppose.

Tinman said...

You miss the point.

Dishonest and disgraceful as it was the pledge card thing worked.

So will this simply because approximately 25% of voters are too bloody lazy to think for themselves and will vote Labour no matter what the policies or personalities are.

This, as with the pledge card thing, simply reinforces their need to vote, not how they vote.

scrubone said...

But it's not even a 2.5% increase!

The rate of GST is going up. But because there is already GST on stuff, increasing it to 15% actually adds just over 2% to prices.

robertguyton said...

Ah, but GST is going up, everybody on average and below will notice it and none of them will like it and National are responsible for the rise.
Labour were right to advertise this and I'll bet there is a raft of other 'changes' that National have made/will make that Labour will generously alert New Zealanders too.
You seem intent of criticising Labour for exactly the kind of thing National has done/would do. Funny as.

Inventory2 said...

Not at all Robert - I'm criticising Labour on two specific fronts:

1) Attempting to suggest that ALL GST is National's fault, when Labour governments are responsible for 12.5 of the 15%, and

2) Labour's taxpayer-funded Axe the Tax campaign, where Phil Goff has agreed that Labour is not actually going to Axe ANY Tax, leastwise the increase to GST, and in fact is proposing tax increases which will wipe out the compensatory tax cuts from the Nats. Don't you think that's just a bit hypocritical Robert? Especially when Labour is spending your taxes and mine to promote a misleading message.

robertguyton said...

Hypocritical yes Invent, but that pales into insignificance beside the thing they are criticising, something you too seem keen to avoid addressing.
GST @ 15%

robertguyton said...

As for the crowing about 'misleading message'
pleeeeaaase Invent!
Shall we have a wee squizz at a few of Nationals claims from before the election til the present moment?
Closing the gaps, anyone?
Bad Mr Long-nose Key!