Friday, August 27, 2010

Short memories

Over at The Standard, they're frothing at the mouth at the news today that ACT pushed to extend to 90-day work trial legislation from businesses employing 50 staff or less to all businesses. Michael Foxglove says:

ACT is far right party that gained a mere 3% of the vote. Yet they now appears to be in firm control of government policy.

How short their memories are, and how little they understand MMP. Have they forgotten the influence that Jim Anderton of the New Labour Party, the Alliance and the Jim Anderton's Progressive Party was able to leverage under MMP? Have they forgotten Kiwibank?

Still, would we expect The Standard to let the facts get in the way of a good story? Do we even need to answer that??!!


James Stephenson said...

They're idiots. I only go there when I want a laugh and MWT hasn't posted anything new...

scrubone said...

Oh, the horrors - the government is actually rolling back a Labour policy.

Has anyone pointed out yet that employment law is the one area that National has taken a firm stance? Seems like pretty much everything else they're leaving where Labour left it.

Anonymous said...

Foxglove is a wanker. Just ignore the idiot.