Friday, September 24, 2010

Harden up Mayor Andrew Williams

North Shore mayor Andrew Williams has dropped another clanger - read on:

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams has laid a police complaint against Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater and wants him struck off as a super-city council candidate for using his campaign to "stalk" him.

Slater, who is running against Williams in the Albany ward, has labelled the mayor a "coward and a bully" and says police have told him they will not be pursuing the matter.

The Whaleoil blogger sees his opposition to Williams as a civic duty - "He doesn't deserve to be a councillor. It's a duty of every citizen to do what they can. I'm being a candidate to make sure he doesn't get elected.''

Williams said Slater's whole campaign was a form of the "stalking" he had endured for over a year.

"He stands up at a meeting and says 'I will not urinate on a tree, I will not use a credit card in a Takapuna bar, I will not send drunken texts'."

"What he has put in his candidate profile is harassment. His whole campaign is focussed on attacking me."

This, however, is the worst piece:

Wiliams urged the electoral officer to strike off Slater as a candidate.

Mayor Andrew Williams needs to harden up. Politics is no place for the faint-hearted, and if he can't stand a bit of scrutiny, he should be looking at other career options. Instead, he's hanging off Len Brown's coat-tails, hoping to get a council seat from the Albany Ward, and hoping that Brown appoints him as his deputy mayor if elected.

As for his attempt to interfere with the democratic process by getting Cameron Slater struck off the ballot papers, Williams shows just what he thinks of democracy. The law allows anyone who stumps up a deposit to register as a candidate. Slater has done just that, and is putting up a robust campaign. We are appalled that the mayor of one of New Zealand's largest cities could have such a cavalier attitude towards democracy and participation in it.

We hope that the good voters of Albany take note of this attempt to bully a candidate and to subvert the electoral process. We urge them to send Andrew Williams a strong message by NOT voting for him in the Albany Ward. After all, why would ANYONE risk putting Andrew Williams literally within a heartbeat of the Auckland Supercity mayoralty?


Anonymous said...

Hey I see yr defence fund for that psychotic criminal Slater has stalled at 60 people...

Is that it?

I think his chances of being elected to anything bar being in charge of the remote in secure wing day room are pretty slim!

your imaginary friend,


Anonymous said...

Had to come back; but only cos the anti-spam word is 'loons'!

must be yr other imaginary friend at work me thinks...


Anonymous said...

HMMMMM time to out this Tom Gould prick methinks - looks very similar to one of the tame trolls at the standard.



alex Masterley said...

The mans a big Jesse.
Runnung squealing like a stuck pig to the grown ups.