Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Whatever happened to "Axe the Tax" Phil?

Phil Goff, amid much fanfare yesterday, unveiled Labour's plan to exempt fresh fruit and vegetables from GST. He also made a rather stark admission, as the Dom-Post reports (with our emphasis added):

A Labour-led government will not reverse the GST rise if elected next year, leader Phil Goff has admitted.

The tax would be cut from fresh fruit and vegetables, under the first of Labour's cost-of-living election policies announced yesterday. It would save the average family about $6 a week, Mr Goff said.

The policy is part of the party's campaign against the Government's tax package, which kicks in on Friday. It increases GST from 12.5 per cent to 15 per cent.

Mr Goff said that if Labour took power next year, it could not afford to undo the rise, but removing the levy from fruit and vegetables would "reduce the unfairness and the pressure" on families.

Come on Phil; you'll have to do better than that. After all, you were happy to spend tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars driving around the country telling everyone that Labour wanted to Axe the Tax.

Check out the photograph below:

You'll note just to the right of Phil Goff's head the Parliamentary Crest appears on the signwriting of the big red bus. That signals something important; that we, the taxpayers of New Zealand paid for Phil Goff and co to take a message around the country which they never had any intention of delivering on.

Labour misled New Zealand over the Axe the Tax campaign, and the taxpayer footed the bill. Why should we trust Phil Goff to deliver on any policy, let alone one as fraught with loopholes as that which was announced yesterday?


Anonymous said...

It seems "Axe The Tax" has become "Kill The Phil" as he and his absurd wreck head towards oblivion!


Ciaron said...

So, when he says if Lairbour took power next year, it could not afford to undo the rise Is that an admission that Lairbour fucked the economy?

Murray said...

He's also going to fund his fruit and veg GST off the helth budget.

Anyone else wondering why the media are not squealing that he plans to cut health?

Sean Fitzpatrick said...

"Anyone else wondering why the media are not squealing that he plans to cut health?"

Well considering the increasing number of mainstream political journalists that are now coming out of the closet to work for the Labour Party it might explain why so much of the flumduggery Labour got up to during 99-08 passed by without mention.