Saturday, October 9, 2010

The numbers are swelling fast

Daljit Singh and another man have been charged with forgery relating to local body electoral enrolments. The Auckland electoral officer is reported to have removed 306 suspicious enrolments from the roll. Now however, it seems that the number could be higher; much, much higher - the Herald reports:

The Super City result in Papatoetoe is likely to be legally challenged by political rivals of a candidate charged with forging documents to sway the election.

Up to 1500 votes are in question.

If that figure is correct, we should all, left and right alike, have major concerns as to the integrity of our electoral system. This is fraud on a scale large enough to affect a whole election.

Sure, Daljit Singh is seeking a place on a Local Board in South Auckland. But the implications of his alleged fraud are far wider. Every voter unlawfully enrolled will have received voting documents for the ENTIRE Auckland Supercity election; the mayoralty, council, DHB and community boards. If someone has gone to the trouble to enrol people illegally, it's safe to assume that votes would be cast on behalf of those enrolments.

Given that Daljit Singh is seeking office on a Labour ticket, we reckon that it's safe to assume that those votes, when cast, would go to candidates representing or aligned to the left. We doubt that any of the mayoralty votes would have been cast for John Banks, and we doubt that any C&R candidates for council or other office would have been the beneficiaries of these illegal votes.

That poses a huge dilemma for Auckland election officials. If any of the votes are close, there would be very strong grounds for them to be contested. And what if this corrupt practice is even more widespread than the police investigation has already determined? We shudder to even consider that prospect, and we feel sure that visitors here who represent a different political perspective to ours (Robert Guyton springs immediately to mind) will have similar concerns.

There needs to be a high-level inquiry into the conduct of the Auckland Supercity election, in particular in South Auckland. We believe that the government needs to urgently appoint a non-partisan person (if there is such a thing, human nature being what it is) to conduct an inquiry with wide-ranging terms of reference.

This is not a matter of left and right ideologies. There appears to have been an attempt to commit fraud on a significant scale within our electoral system. This must be investigated, and actions taken to ensure that such a fraud cannot be committed again, and that the system by which we elect our local and central government remains sacrosanct, and free of corruption.

That's our random thoughts. We'd love to know what YOU think!


Anonymous said...

I think that you should correct the bit where you say he is standing for the community board!

Inventory2 said...

Cheers for that; duly amended.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

There's a non-partisan person of suitable ethnic origins in Delhi.

I'm sure Madame Dickshit would jump at the chance for an all expenses paid visit to New Zealand

alex Masterley said...

This is far more important than whatever Paul Henry said, even kids dying after drinking vodka (with guest appearances from ayor Banks) or neanderthals from south auckland slaughtering each other.

The reason? It goes to the heart of our democracy, and affects our ranking as one of the least corrupt societies on the planet.

Yet the media don't seem to treat it with the importance it deserves.