Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Clifton on Fa'afoi and Mana

Jane Clifton's always-amusing column in The Listener is about the Mana by-election this week, and about Kris Fa'afoi. And better still; the blogosphere rates a mention. She writes:

He also gave bloggers a great opportunity for mischief when he "misspoke" - claiming to remember the Porirua opening of the first McDonald's - which took place some years before he was born. Subsequently, cyberspace teemed with Photshopped pictures of Faafoi (usually in a tracksuit) on the grassy knoll, at the fall of Saigon, counselling the Pope and moving furnture into the first state house in Miramar.

And anyway, as has been pointed out to this writer by a habitue of the electorate, Mana is a predominantly KFC-eating territory, so he got that wrong too.

Oh dear. Is there a bit of cynicism from Fa'afoi's former journalistic brethren that he has made the move over to the Dark Side? One would have to wonder.

The final result in Mana will be declared any day now though, and Kris Fa'afoi is likely to take his seat in the House when Parliament resumes next week. Doubtless he'll be working on his maiden speech, and we wish him well when the time comes to deliver it. We would counsel him against using the phrase "I remember ..." lest the House dissolve in paroxsyms of mirth!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Kris Fa'afoi eh!
What about David Carter?

Sigmund said...

INV2 The tone of your writing is that of an arrogant, insecure, smarmy, gossip who takes great joy in looking for faults in others and never in yourself. What in your life has caused you to be this way? School? Business? Family? Inner turmoil? Mum?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Sigmund. IV2 is indebted to you for your in depth analysis of his character.

Tell me, what else do you do all day, other than make a pain in the arse of yourself on other people's blogs?

Do you shit all over the lounge room floor when you visit your neighbours too?

Anonymous said...

Standing on a soap box to rant about your prejudices to the passing crowds will earn you a heckle or two. Occasionally one might linger to throw some shit back.


Anonymous said...

Picked at a weeping sore Adolf?
Like me to unleash a few truths about you?
What I do all day is good things for good people. One of which is to leave certain key words around blogs like this to drive traffic to it. Daylight will out the mould.

cheesecake, soap, button, gnu, capsule, light, wheel, tree, butt-muncher, reel, leotard, opulence, cliff

H Stewart said...

Not having a go but I do wonder if Kris Fa'afoi is totally innocent on this. I have told nephews and nieces total bollicks because I want to shut them up or just know that they aren't old enough to understand the reality.

I think it is quite possible his parents or extended family told him he was at the brand new McDonalds. Easy to repeat that, yup if he was saying it was Santa or the Easter bunny or god well hell he should be called out. It is a bloody McDonalds.

I have no problem and have laughed at Camrons photos but I can certainly see how this might have happened.

I think he might be wise to inject as much humor as possible to his maiden speech. Georgina Byer is for my money the person who had the best maiden speech. Maybe Kris can top it ?

H Stewart said...

Sigmund you are a total bloody idiot INV2 is a right wing blogger and I am from the centre left. He is also a very fair. You are the idiot here why is it Sigmund that all left wing bloggers have to be people who lack all humour. I have said it before the right wing in New Zealand are way ahead of the left because they can laugh.

Sigmund you owe INV2 an apology.

Inventory2 said...

Cheers for that HS.

Sigmund said...

I'm sorry INV2, sorry that H Stewart also appears to have a sore that has been gouged. What a sad sad sad commenter. So so so angry. So so so serious. So so so hypocritical. So so so repetitive.
I'm a far right blogger to whom God has spoken. I hear his call. He has said this blog brings the tone down. Jesus would not grace these pages. His grace is reserved for the blessed. Join me at http://bloggerschoiceawards.com/blogs/show/92547