Friday, January 28, 2011

This Sporting Life - 28 January 2011

It's Friday again, and although we are feeling far from sporty today, This Sporting Life is open for comment.

How the guard is changing in the tennis world. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have both been eliminated from the Australian Open, and if Andy Murray is EVER going to win a slam, the door is open to him here. David Ferrer obviously benefitted from his time in Auckland at the Heineken Open, and will be a match for Murray today. But Novac Djokovic, the 2008 champion must now be the favourite; he looked in commanding form defeating the Fed Express last night, and best of all, he has a day off today; we love this quote from the Herald:

Instead, after Nadal was eliminated by fellow Spaniard David Ferrer in an injury-induced straight-set loss Wednesday, and now Federer heading home, it will be Djokovic in the final against either Andy Murray or Ferrer - they play their semifinal on Friday.

"I'm looking forward to watching that match tomorrow from my bed with some popcorn," Djokovic said.

Advantage Djokovic!! In the women's draw, Kim Clijsters goes up against Li Na of China in the final, with not a Williams in sight. It will be interesting to see if Clijsters makes good her promise to her coach to shave her head if she wins another grand slam title!

Cricket has been a bit of a non-event this week, but hopefully there will be some action this weekend. In the meantime it's Delhi 2010 revisited as Eden Gardens in Kolkata, India's most famous cricket ground has been deemed unfit for play in the ICC World Cup which is now just 23 days away. Is anyone surprised?

What else is there? The Phoenix had yet another away loss on Wednesday night, but can move into the top six with a win at home tomorrow against Newcastle, and the Breakers continue to lead the Aussie NBL, having had a week off. Michael Campbell has had another horror start to a tournament in the European PGA, and another cyclist has been found to be a drug cheat; plus ce change!

That's all that we can think of this week; it's over to you ...

PS - we've just seen that Kevin Muscat has been banned for eight weeks for his thuggery in the Melbourne derby at the weekend; so he should have been!


gravedodger said...

Cameron white is embarrassingly out of form and after some 40 deliveries the other night seemed no closer to finding it.
What a display of sheer batting thuggery from Chris Gayle in the KFC Big Bash in Brisbane.
What a sulky brat performance from lard arse on his being sent back to Wellington as part of ensuring the WC squad has some depth throughout it. Give him a swift kick in that large target, John Wright.
Was that any sort of message for SBW when Motor Mouth Mundine got sat on his sorry arse, apparently not.
Did Sky Sport want rid of those football callers or what. If the electronic technology is beyond ex footy players then have a techie with them at all times to turn the bloody
mike OFF.

pdm said...

GD - Do you have Cameron White and Michael Clark mixed up by any chance?

Who is lard arse?

alex Masterley said...

The weather is putting paid to some well laid plans.
My yachting tomorrow looks like being canned.

So time at the driving range and in the office I think.

I might swing a ride in the anniversary day regatta but only if I can be bothered.

I see that edwin van der Sarr has announced his retirement at 40. great goalkeeper and comptetitor.

Well done that man.

Unlike SBW, who I'm comming to see as a spoilt petulant and wayward child with the attention span of a gnat. If Mundine is his mentor it will all end in tears.

Inventory2 said...

@ pdm "Lard Arse" could only be Jesse Ryder. And Cameron White has been in woeful form so far in the ODI series. His batting at Adelaide the other night was Mark Richardson-esque

James Stephenson said...

dodger - I like the conspiracy theory that Andy Gray's sacking is revenge for sueing News of the World over phone hacking (Sky and NoTW are both Murdoch companies).

It seems clear that Gray and Keys are pretty much hated for their big-noting attitudes by everyone that has to work around them, so you do have to ask "why now?".

Nadal? Federer? Murray? Meh - it's a girl's game.

Number of the day seems to be 40 million. Liverpool turned down a bid from Chelsea for Torres and Inter have denied a bid for Bale from Spurs...

gravedodger said...

Thankyou Iv2 on the wavelength.
I think white is more woeful than clarke as he hangs around longer and scores fewer runs but I agree pdm they are both terrible. Warner back perhaps there is some great hitting and crafty bowling in the Big Bash series and with six teams there must be options.
Does World Cup squads named status mean they have to hope for a turnaround or declare them injured, sub them and be unable to bring them back in.
I recall, was it two or three years ago that White bludgeoned New Zealanders hearts with two centuries in a one day series.

pdm said...

Murray carries the weight of Great Britain as the Beeb talks him up. He will probably walk on top of the water in the Yarra as he prepares for his match in about 40mins.

Not much different to the AB's in a few months I guess.