Saturday, February 26, 2011

From the scene

We heard this e-mail read out on Danny Watson's programme on Newstalk ZB on Thursday. The Press has now reproduced it in full. As with Vicki Anderson's story the other day, we're not going to copy extracts; the link follows below:

And speaking of Danny Watson's programme, huge kudos to Civil Defence Minister John Carter. Watson took a call yesterday from a bloke in his 80's, living in Barbadoes Street in central Christchurch, and isolated without power, water and food. Watson took Tom's cellphone number, and a number of callers rang in to offer help.

But within 10 minutes of Tom's call, John Carter himself rang in to Newstalk ZB (he is also Senior Citizens Minister), and said that his staff had contacted Tom to arrange for support for him.

John Carter has been one of many rocks through this crisis and the previous 'quake. We now reckon that he has earned his diplomatic posting to the Cook Islands when he retires from Parliament at the end of the year.

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