Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Guv'nor

Lt-Gen Jerry Mateparae will be New Zealand's next Governor General. The announcement was made at midday today by John Key, on behalf of Buckingham Palace. The Herald reports:

Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae says he has an "unshakeable belief in New Zealanders" and believes he can use his new role as Governor-General to contribute to the country.

Prime Minister John Key today announced that the former head of the Defence Force would replace Sir Anand Satyanand when his term ends in August.

Lt Gen Mateparae's appointment has been approved by the Queen and he will be sworn in on August 17, beginning a five-year term as New Zealand's 20th Governor-General.

Lt Gen Mateparae told reporters he was honoured to be asked to accept the role.

"When the Prime Minster asked me to meet with him a few weeks ago, I thought he wanted to discuss with me my arrival at the GCSB. You cannot imagine my surprise when he asked me to be the next Governor-General.

"I did need a few days to think it over and discuss it with [his wife] Janine."

Lt Gen Mateparae said the more he thought about the role, the more he thought he could contribute, especially "the notion of service for others, the drive for excellence and harnessing the strength in young New Zealanders".

"I have an unshakeable belief in New Zealanders."

We reckon that this is an outstanding appointment. That he is a native of Wanganui does not embellish our view of him one iota.

We had the privilege of meeting Lt-Gen Mateparae a few years ago when a family member graduated at Waiouru. His mana and bearing were obvious in his official duties, but in talking to him he was warm and engaging on a personal level. He left a very large impression on us.

We believe that Jerry Mateparae will prove to be an outstanding servant of the Queen in the role of Governor General. His service as Chief of the Defence Forces has been distinguished, having worked his way up from joining the army as a regular force cadet in 1972. We wish him every success. In the immortal words of the iconic Maori Battalion's marching song

Ake! Ake! Kia kaha e!


baxter said...

I agree he is an excellent and refreshing choice.

Suz said...

Perhaps he'll reinstate Paul Henry!

robertguyton said...

"he is a native of Wanganui"


robertguyton said...

Relax, I'm only joking.

Inventory2 said...

Point taken Rob.

Note to self; choose words more carefully when there are pedants lurking!

Anonymous said...

Good choice- heard that Don McKinnon was in the box; not a great idea. Robert: if you get off your bike calm down, introduce meat into your diet, promote earthy toilets, you might be in the running the next time around.

Siena said...

Excellent choice at the personal level. A highly respected New Zealander.

Not so sure, however, that the senior military background sends the best constitutional signal to countries with a penchant for dictatorships.

robertguyton said...

The steak's sizzling under the grill right now Anon.
Does Government House have a vegetable garden big enough to keep me busy?

Chris B said...

He was adjutant to 5WWCT in Wanganui in the late 70s,when I was part of that Battalion. we found him a very decent bloke.

Anonymous said...

A career public servant living off the taxpayer for his whole working life gets the ultimate public servant job.

Inventory2 said...

"His military career saw him serve with the New Zealand Infantry Regiment and the elite SAS force before moving into leadership roles in Lebanon and East Timor.

That culminated with his appointment as Chief of Defence in 2006. He was the first Maori person to hold the position."

Not your average "public servant" Anon.

Anonymous said...

No indeed, most certainly not your average public servant on $50 grand a year, rather one on nearer $350k a year.

robertguyton said...

If only Key could pronounce his name!

Anonymous said...

Why should only Key be able to pronounce his name?


robertguyton said...

Then at least Key could pronounce onething better than anyone else.
You're a wag kurt!

Anonymous said...

No one else says "akshully".
Does that count?

Anonymous said...

anon at 10:13

was me, kurt

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