Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hone resigns; bring it on!

Hone Harawira has resigned from Parliament. His resignation will be effective from 20 May 2011, so the way is now clear for a by-election in Te Tai Tokerau. The Herald reports:

Hone Harawira has just resigned from Parliament, paving the way for a by-election in his Te Tai Tokerau electorate.

His resignation takes effect on May 20 - just more than the by-election cut off date of six months before a general election.

Labour has announced it will stand MP Kelvin Davis against Harawira in the predicted election battle, which the party has criticised as expensive and wasteful.

The Maori Party will also contest the election, but it has not yet named its candidate.

In some ways, it would be better for the Maori Party not to stand in Te Tai Tokerau. A two-horse race betwwen Harawira and Kelvin Davis might well be a huge setback to the fledgling Mana Party.

And it is for that reason only that we will be supporting Davis' campaign in whatever way we can. The New Zealand Parliament needs Hone Harawira in the same manner in which we need toothache. We would far rather see Labour's numbers in the House bolstered by one, than see Harawira given a mandate to continue his racist outbursts.

That's why the catchcry for the next few weeks will be:


Anonymous said...

Time for the good people of Te tai Tokerau to be informed of the extent of the links with the Libyan regime. Labour has all the dirt.

Inventory2 said...

Sounds good to me Anon

big news said...

Hone has just released a new campaign video. Its great.

Tits said...

What is wrong with attending a terrorist training camp? Don't most human rights activists play hookey from UN human rights meetings to attend Libyan terrorist training camps during their 20's???

gravedodger said...

Now we will find out if there are enough brains in Te Tai Tokerau to accept the bludger who has morphed into their MP on the wagon called Te Maori Party is valued at the same minimal level there, as he is in the eyes of a clear majority of the rest of the citizens of this wonderful country that has absolutely no truck with the thuggery, racism and downright rudeness of Hatfield, his equally obnoxious Mother and all the rest of the rubbish family who seem to exist without any thing resembling productive work related income between them.

Anonymous said...

Similarly, we need Brash (who snuck in via a corporate takeover and now has put the shits up Key) like a kick in the nuts. The further the right leans right the less credibility they have in NZ. Imagine if labour snuggled up to MANA like Key does to ACT! Hypocrites.

pdm said...

anon 5.55.

If you want to see hypocrisy have a look at what dribbles from the fingers of most scribes at Red Alert.

The Labour party is a hypocrites training school.

Anonymous said...

He said, she said.
PDM you've very little to contribute in the way of coherent thinking. Which is symptomatic of the right.

jabba said...

I agree with pdm and anon at 7:04 is a prat .. maybe Tracey or colonel viper

gravedodger said...

@ pdm 5 55 you sum up red alert very succintly.
Loved the dribbling bit, made me think of Anoon tea at the rest home, then again?

So many anons gives them anonimity eh.