Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not again ...part deux

It's only been ten days since we used the title "Not again ...", but it's been another long and disrupted night in Christchurch - Stuff reports:

Christchurch residents received a series of shocks overnnight, including a 5.3 magnitude quake rocking the region at 10.34pm.

The main jolt, centred 10km west of Akaroa, was felt widely across Canterbury although there were no reports of significant damage.

Police said power was out in small pockets around Avonhead and Ilam and "alarms are going off everywhere", a spokesman said.

Mayor Bob Parker, on his Facebook page, said the city should expect a few more "tremblers".

The region was rocked by a further 10 aftershocks overnight, with the biggest being a magnitude 4.4 shortly before 3.30am.

GNS Science duty seismologist John Ristau said it appeared another small fault below Banks Peninsula had ruptured, causing the sharply felt magnitude 5.3 quake.

She Who Must Be Obeyed in still down in Christchurch; we haven't rung yet, and we hope she's catching up on some of the shut-eye that she will have missed in the early hours of this morning when aftershocks were coming with some considerable frequency. We had a txt exchange after the 5.3 though.

The main aftershock was out Akaroa way; Gravedodger's territory. We hope that he and his good lady, Tinman, Lindsay Addie, GPT1 and other Canterbury-based commenters here at Keeping Stock are ok this morning; our thoughts are with you all.

UPDATE: SWMBO is safe and well, albeit sleep-deprived.


alex Masterley said...

Well said I2,
The thoughts of us in the north are with our Canturbury brethern.
I have to venture south to Christchurch in the near future. that trip will be made with more than the normal trepidation.

Tinman said...

Just another minor wobble I2.

Alex, come on down relaxed, it's safer here than damned near anywhere else right now - we've had our wake-up call and have made provisions.

gravedodger said...

All good here Iv2, My swmbo and self were at the change over and installation for my service club at the dear Old Grand Hotel AKA The Tree Fellers Arms.
A very sleep deprived night and it appears the epicenter is still not settled. Geonet had it in the upper Okuti valley just SE of Little River while the christchurchquakemap has it back at Halswell where some of us feel there is a potential for continued activity between the east end of the Greendale fault (Sept 4th) and the Porthills fault (Feb 22nd).

Each significant shake creates stress and it is completely rational that the number who want to or will leave grows. Mike Hosking attempted to put it in perspective this morning by reminding us the exit figures a year ago were 500 a week and now it is 800 not exactly a landslide in light of the destruction of the last nine months eh.

Thankyou and all who continue to offer support as we strive to regain a semblance of normality, it is becoming increasingly harder especially those unfortunates who are again under the silt of liquifaction.

Ciaron said...

How about some love for the resident structural engineer who is now faced with reinspecting some bloody dodgy buildings?

Lindsay Addie said...

It wobbled and shook for a while but nothing broke or fell over etc. It was fairly requlation stuff for a 5.4 quake over the northwest side of town.