Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh dear ...oh dear!!

3News' latest poll came out tonight. And if you're one of those few people that still supports Labour, the results are simply dreadful; check this out:

National — up 2.% to $55.1%

Labour — down 2.9% to 29.9%

Greens — up 2.6% to 9.1%

ACT — down 0.5% to 1.7%

Maori — down 0.8% to 0.8%

Mana — up 0.2% to 0.7%

Oh dear. Labour is once again in the sub-thirty bracket, and the Greens are catching fast. On this basis National would easily govern alone, even if there was an overhang for either of the Maori parties.

The news isn't any better for Phil Goff in the Preferred Prime Minister stakes. Goff rates at 6.9%, whilst John Key rates at over 50% support.

Phil Goff and Labour can't take a trick at the moment. Their much-vaunted tax package hasn't even been released yet, but it has already been discredited by revelations that Labour will have to keep borrowing even more than National currently is. The party is under investigation by the police for electoral irregularities, and there's still more to come over WhaleLeaks.

It's only 20 weeks until the election, and there are only 18 sitting days remaining for the 49th Parliament. Labour is running out of time to turn its outrageous ill-fortune around.


Andrei said...

Just because the other parties are crap don't make National any good you know.


gravedodger said...

I can see if the unthinkable happens and the Uncle Tom Cobliegh Party gain the treasury benches in November, nfirst item on the agenda Monday 28th will be to issue an order in council to have all the rogues rounded up, dawn raids if necessary, and they will all be relocated to the Auckland Islands.

There are just too many of them polluting the political landscape.

Matt said...

Pedantic language moment: Outrageous fortune ill fortune. Hamlet wasn't exactly talking about sunshine and lollipops.

Matt said...

Meant to say, *Outrageous fortune is ill fortune.

Steve said...

Labour still rely on MSM full of lefties. Whale and Cactus are ripping them to shreds, slowly bit by bit.
National sit and wait

Inventory2 said...

@ Matt; sheesh; I thought "outrageous ill-fortune" was pretty good for a Sunday night!

jabba said...

the Greens at nearly 10% .. do we really have many idiots in the country. Bobby G may want to stand soon. Where is he anyway?

Inventory2 said...

He's probably tipsy on elderberry wine by now Jabba, celebrating the Greens' greatest triumph ever.

robertguyton said...

National must rule alone or not at all. Act died today. They can't prop-up National ever again. The Maori party will never again side with National, Hone has out-played them and will force them to the Left.The Greens will not support National, believe me. The coalitions can now only form on the Left. MMP will remain our system of choice - that campaign has been shot-down from within by the same sort of people that gutted Act.
It's a very sorry sight, seeing these nasty bigots being hung out to dry but it had to happen. Inv2 - it must concern you that these awful revelations of entrenched disfunction are all coming from your side of the ledger.
THINK about it man!
Would Jesus form a coalition with Garrett, Brash, Worth, Ansell et al?
Would he?????
Key did and would again!
Just who are your heroes Inv2?
Take a closer look.

Inventory2 said...

I dislike racism whether it's white v black or black v white. Ansell is an embarrassment, but there is a vein for him to mine, just as there is a vein in Maoridom for Hone to mine with his extremism. Neither is acceptable. And things are looking dire for the other xenophobe; WRP. This will be largely a three-party election.

robertguyton said...

No Inv2.
It's an election where a left-wing coalition will challenge a single right-wing party.
I think the coalition will take it.
I won't challenge you to a wager, 'cause I know you're chicken :-)

Anonymous said...

There might be a vein for Ansell to mine, but not 15%.

Not even if Brash spooks the Harawiras and Mairs from Northland to take a leaf out of their IRA mates' book and start "armed struggle" to drive whitey out of Northland and the Ureweras.

Look on the bright side, though: Labour might be deregistered. That would give National not 55% but clear of 68% - enough to rewrite the constitution once and for all.

pdm said...

`Look on the bright side, though: Labour might be deregistered. That would give National not 55% but clear of 68% - enough to rewrite the constitution once and for all.'

Hell if that happend `Red Russel' and Metira Turei would be Joint Leaders of the Opposition

James Stephenson said...

No chance Robert, ACT always do better than opinion polls predict and your Greens always do worse.

robertguyton said...

It's all over James.

robertguyton said...

They're fACT!