Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rent-a-mob Caption Contest

We've had a busy day today. She Who Must Be Obeyed has us in cleaning and throwing out mode as we prepare to sell our whare and move almost to the countryside. So we haven't spent much time blogging, or even thinking!

We have had the radio on though, and we heard about the protests outside Eden Park where Tony Blair, the former UK Prime Minister and Labour Party leader was speaking. "Who might have been there?" we wondered to ourselves, thinking of the normal rent-a mob suspects who show up to such events. Well, here's who; quelle surpr

So let's have some fun. You know the drill; keep it shorty and pithy, relevant, humourous, and above all, don't get nasty; there's enough of that elsewhere.

Fill your boots!


Anonymous said...

OOOOH! WHo's that hot chick over there?

Michael in Nelson

Inventory2 said...

@ Michael; I hope you didn't mean Penny Bright!!

Anonymous said...

OT > She's a leftie....good looks do not go there :-)

Michael in Nelson

Anonymous said...

John Minto and his improvised tele-prompter.
Now I understand why about all he says is meaningless.


H Stewart said...

Can't think of a witty caption though quite a few nasty ones come to mind. Tony Blair is like me on the political centre left in the social policy areas I differ from the NZ political centre right and the NZ centre right are far closer to me than that bunch of clowns.

Tony Blair a man I admire the other bunch make my, well I won't swear on your blog.

John Key reminds me very much of Blair in his hayday and I have said as much on Red Alert in fairness to Clare she has let all my comments stand over at Red Alert but has given me a warning but I have stopped making comments there nobody is listening.

When I look at the Labour list and the front bench I want to scream. I don't know who will get the leadership after the election but if Grant Robertson isn't deputy leader I will be furious. I think Key will be a 3 term PM and Robertson needs to be Labour leader by 2017.

Oh shit that was treason trust me it is how some of them will regard it.

H Stewart said...

Oh Bugger I swore on your blog oh shit did it again. :)

Anonymous said...

14 year-old New Zealand-born girl shot to death by the Norwegian gunman why did he do that? was his religion the reason?
Was it a political act? the girl was a young Labour Party supporter did he shoot her because he was a rightwinger? is this issue important enough to talk about here or must we busy ourselves with writing silly captions about boring issues? lets do something useful here.

H Stewart said...

Anonymous, most bloggers have made comment every one fro the left No Right Turn to the right Kiwiblog have been disgusted by this.

IV2 has every right to write and do as he wish's on his blog. UI have no doubt he is bloody angry that people are dead and that one of them is one of us. I am bloody angry about it.

But there is nothing we can do about it other than express our outrage. This killer does not represent the views of the rational right. I would not even put the idiots in IV2's picture in the same catagory. They are just idiots not dangerous idiots.

In the same way I reject the fools on the left and engage in dialoge with the right on blogs like this they reject fools on the far right.

You owe IV2 an apology mate.

Anonymous said...

For what mate?

Inventory2 said...

It's water off a duck's back H Stewart. I blogged about the awful Norway situation on Saturday, expressing the sense of horror I felt, and expressing sympathy for all those affected. In the past I've been accused of "crime porn" (Unfairly, I reckon), so it's not something I've gone back to.

The one thing I've learned in four years of blogging is that you can't please everyone; sheesh, if I posted on everything that people asked me to I'd never eat, sleep or watch sport!

Anyway, back on topic now; here's another:

I had to belt Len Richards to get this megaphone today!

Anonymous said...

War criminal! War criminal!

Anonymous said...

Bilious bastard! Bilious bastard!

Michael said...

HART: Hair All Receding Toad
HART: Half Assed Rabble Today
HART: Hoary Aged Retired Troublemaker

Griff said...

I think the caption on the placard says it all blaa blaa blaa

James Stephenson said...

So come on, come on, doooo the locomotion with me!

Mind you I'm unnerved to find my self on the same side of the fence as "Mints" today (no, I don't mean we're both Kylie fans). I utterly, utterly despise Tony B.Liar for what he did to my country, sod War Crimes, do himfor Treason.

Inventory2 said...

Well spotted Griff!

Anonymous said...

Mid-sentence John felt a cold shiver run up his spine.
"Is that David Tamihere stalking me?"