Thursday, July 21, 2011

Steve divorces Eldrick!

No; it's not a story from New York City about the first married gay couple divorcing; it's much more important than that. We've just spotted this on Twitter:

Radio Sport
BREAKING: Kiwi caddie Steve Williams has announced he's parting company with Tiger Woods and joining Adam Scott full time... more to follow

It's been a while since Steve Williams has had a regular job with Tiger Woods. The former world #1 golfer played a limited schedule last year after all the turmoil in his personal life. This year has been even worse, with Tiger injured for much of the season. Steve Williams took on a part-time job with Australian golfer Adam Scott, and now it seems as though the world's best caddy is ready to move on.

It really is the end of an era. When Williams joined Woods in 1999, the young Tiger had won just one major. He won the 1999 PGA Championship with Williams on the bag, and the rest, as they say, is history. Woods now has 14 majors, just four short of Jack Nicklaus' record which two years ago he seemed sure to better. Now, who would know?

This will be today's breaking story, and we'll have more to add later on; watch this space!

UPDATE: Already there's an update; it seems as though Woods has dispensed with Steve Williams' services, saying that it's "time for a change"; we hope that Steve Williams gets a decent severance package!


pdm said...

"we hope that Steve Williams gets a decent severance package!"

I wouldn't think so - after all Steve Williams is a Self Employed Contractor - otherwise he would not have been able to caddy for Scott.

I am sure he could make more by writing a book and telling his story on the Wood's carrying ons of recent years.

Dave Mann said...

Gee that must be a really full-on demanding career, carrying a bloke's clubs around. I wonder how you get to be the world's best caddy? I guess you have to get the club out of the bag with a cool built-in polishing flourish or something...?

Suz said...

"50 years ago, 100 white men chasing one black man across a field was called the KU Klux Klan. Today it's called the PGA tour." Author unknown

Ciaron said...

@ Dave Mann:

You don't know anything about golf, then?

Inventory2 said...

@ Ciaron - my sentiments exactly. Perhaps Dave is taking the p*ss. Steve Williams biggest asset was his ability and willingness to say "no" to Tiger, who is surrounded by yes-men. Once Tiger learned to trust Steve's judgment (on the course!) his career flourished.

@ Suz - brilliant line; love it!

Dave Mann said...

What.... do you mean "No Tiger, don't hit the ball with that end of the stick, thats the handle end"? Or "No, mate, I don't think you should play about knocking it around the flag-thingy, put it INTO the hole"?

(hahahaha you've guessed it. I haven't quite picked up the subtleties of this game)

Ciaron said...

hahahaha you've guessed it. I haven't quite picked up the subtleties of this game

Perhaps, but you have managed to make yourself look like a complete tool regardless.