Monday, August 15, 2011

UPDATED: More Global Warming...

It was dark when we headed out this morning, and apart from the hail as we drove into town, there was little to see. But we had to pop out mid-morning, and the scene inland is of the picture-postcard variety. For those who don't know the rural Wanganui area, this picture was taken at the intersection of No 2 Line and Okoia Road, around 5km from the city's south-eastern boundary, and 7km from the Wanganui CBD.

The sun is shining at the moment, but it's bitterly cold, and the clouds away to the south suggest that more is on the way, and we've just seen this pic on Twitter courtesy of Jessica Mutch from One News; it's snowing at Parliament!


Just when you thought it was safe to stow the winter woolies away; just as the blossoms started to appear after a mild week; just as the daffodils popped up - along comes another dose of Global Warming.

It's bitterly cold here, and we have to head off to a meeting shortly. The southerly wind is fair howling as only the southerly does at our whare, and here in the lower North Island, we don't even get the worst of it until later today when a second front comes through - the Herald reports:

Auckland is next as polar blast traps 100 and gives Wellington its first big snowfall in 40 years.

Hundreds of air travellers and motorists were left stranded as a polar blast swept up the South Island - and last night gave Wellington its biggest snowfall in 40 years.

Worse is predicted for the North Island - including Auckland - today.

And the weather gurus are saying that this is an especially big storm; read on:

WeatherWatch chief analyst Philip Duncan said the polar outbreak was unlike anything he had seen.

"I've been watching the weather closely for about 15 years and I've never seen a prediction like this."

A large high stretching from the Antarctic to the sub-tropics had merged with three low-pressure systems to create the unusual weather.

It'll be a nice day for staying indoors today, and that's certainly our plan. She Who Must Be Obeyed has already cancelled a trip out of town tomorrow in anticipation of adverse road conditions. As I type this, hail is tapping on the windows, and we're not looking forward to having to venture out in a few minutes.

To all those in exposed places further south; Gravedodger in Akaraoa, Homepaddock in Oamaru, and Robert Guyton in Riverton to name just three; hang in there; we're experiencing some of the weather that you guys get used to! Keep warm, and look on the bright side; spring is just 16 days away!


Tinman said...

I'm playing hookey today.

Got up, as usual on a Monday morning at three and there was no snow.

Showered then looked outside and the van was covered in cold white crap that was still falling.

Looked again at four, no snow falling so I cleaned the snow off the van and logged in to start work.

Snow started falling heavily again at five, before I'd found any work. It's still falling heavily now.

I've seen Christchurch drivers.

I logged out and have decided to have the day off.

Bloody global warning!

ChrisB said...

Its a beautiful morning in the Marlborough sounds. No snow, and not a cloud in the sky. There is something to say about living in Paradise

pdm said...

What do you do Tinman?

homepaddock said...

"To all those in exposed places further south; . . ."

Thanks - it's a four layer of merino day in North Otago.

It was snowing when we went to bed and has been trying to snow on and off since we woke.

There's a couple of inches on the lawn but I can still see grass through the snow on the paddocks.

RuralGeek said...

Wanganui snowfall - taken this morning 30km out of town towards Hunterville:
Hope my bees are ok!

Inventory2 said...

Is that out Mangamahu way RG?

RuralGeek said...

At the start of Mangamahu Rd IV2.

gravedodger said...

Pretty bleak out there, snowing again as I peck, 1 degree in the shade, 100mm on the patio table, Put the chains on the Disco for when somebody comes to grief and hopefully that will be enough to avoid a callout.
Have posted a panorama series of what we see out there on No Minister, it has deteriorated significantly since then.

Thanks for the greetings Iv2.

Little Bro at Waiau reports about 50mm and suggests it is no more on the hill.
Mate at Darfield has only a sprinkle with the grass still visible

Stay warm everyone.

fredinthegrass said...

Here, west of Marton and 400 feet asl, we have 3 inches of snow. The last time we recorded serious snow here was in 1924 - 87 years ago.
How do I know - because my father sensibly wrote it on the back of the photos!!
This is not Global Warming - it IS Climate Change though.

Tinman said...

pdm said...
What do you do Tinman?

Christchurch cabbie pdm.

Anonymous said...

From your post
"A large high stretching from the Antarctic to the sub-tropics had merged with three low-pressure systems to create the unusual weather."

Large high?

I see why you've titled your post 'more global warming...'

jabba said...

I was in Wgtn Thurs/Fri and it was chilly .. up here in the Puke/Waiuku area it's bloody freezing. Puke had snow as did Pt Waikato

jabba said...

global warming