Monday, September 12, 2011

Kiwi Commentators Still Unable to Open Second Eye...

What a fantastic match, Wales’ young back row matched or dominated their veteran South African counterparts for long periods of time. Mike Phillips at 9 caused just as many problems has his opponent “Best Halfback in the World” Fourie Du Preez and further out at inside centre Jamie Roberts reprised his Lions performances against the Boks…do we hear any of this in the MSM today?

Don’t be silly! Despite an all-round refereeing performance that I suggest local whistler Bryce Lawrence study very hard on video – a fantastic demonstration of how to ref the tackle area between two powerful combatitive packs – what do we get?

“Barnes blunder costs…”; “Controversial English Referee….” and "Another blunder from Wayne...". You're not escaping my derision either, Inv.

Apparently “One News Presenter” Peter Williams reckons it went over, well with exactly the same video to go on “Keeping Stock Blogger” James Stephenson reckons he’s wrong and the touch judges were right. The ball clearly describes a curve passing pretty much over the top of the right-hand upright. Maybe if the post had been taller it could have richocheted in, maybe not.

However the fact remains, the touch judges gave the decision and Barnes had no reason to overrule. I know you’re all still struggling to get over that match against France four years ago, but in that game it was also the touch judge who was in position to call the forward pass, it wasn’t Barnes’ fault then and nobody is at fault now.


Inventory2 said...

Disagree completely JS; watch the video, and as the camera pans downwards, the referee's assistant on that post is already at least five metres away from the post.

Back in my refereeing days, the touchies (as they were then) stayed static until after the referee's whistle. But this was Barnes' decision first and foremost, and he got it wrong.

robertguyton said...

Neither touch judge raised his flag.
The kick missed.
There are none so blind...

Anonymous said...

James I was at the game, I was behind the kicker.

I'm neutral (i've got South Africans staying at my place and I was born in England).

That kick definitely went over! it never went outside the posts. Everyone in the ground saw it go over.

The touch judges got it very wrong.


Inventory2 said...

Well said G; and that is the precise reason why the preamble to the Laws of the Game state that "the referee is the sole judge of fact and of law".

Barnes was let down by the assistant referee on the far upright (as viewed from the TV cameras). The assistant saw the ball start to move offline and wrongly assumed that it would continue on that path. When the ball's flight changed, he was out of position, and unable to look directly up the line of his post to determine whether or not the ball had passed within it.

But as noted above, the ultimate responsibility lies with the referee, and Wales can rightly feel aggrieved this morning. Then again, so can South Africa, as Barnes' ability to pick up forward passes in the excitement of a try-scoring move seems not to have improved in four years of internation refereeing.

robertguyton said...

You're playing the man, Inv2.
Playing the man. That's a no-no here on Keeping Stock, as you often point out.

Inventory2 said...

Not at all Robert; in this case the man is the ball.

James Stephenson said...

Sheesh Inv. How many times?

Referees following play are 95% of the time have the wrong POV and are obstructed by other players and unable to see the direction of a borderline flat pass.

No one was bagging George Clancy for missing that very forward pass in SA,everyone climbed into him and the TMO for breaking the rules regardless of the fact that the correct decision was made.

Barnes ref'd an excellent game and you Kiwis really do need to Let.It.Go.

I've watched that video a dozen times and I still think Hook missed.

Inventory2 said...

Even Paddy O got into Clancy for that JS. Still, last night might stop the Welsh moaning about Andy Haden's dive from the lineout in 1978 when the penalty was actually awarded for Geoff Wheel pushing off Frank Oliver's shoulder.

James Stephenson said...

Source? I don't remember any criticism of Clancy for missing the forward pass, only for the interaction with the TMO.

FWIW I think a change to allow the TMO to rule on anything in the phase of play leading up to a score (a la League) would be a good one.

Rugby fans have long memories...Jamie Joseph still has a long way to go to redeem that stamp on Kyran Bracken's ankle.

pdm said...

JS - I am with you - from the couch at my sister in laws in Hastings the kick seemed to go over the post and therefore missed.

Like you I thought Barnes refereed the game very well apart from the forward (last) pass in the Welsh try. He certainly showed the incompetent Bryce Lawrence up.

Wales surprised me and they may well ahve won the game if the had got Powell on for the last 15 minutes or so. He would have provided some good driving pay.

I think it was a good result for South Africa who will be hard to beat from here on in.

Anonymous said...

Unless someone has some footage of the kick from another angle, that can be played with that shot from behind the kicker, I tend to think the ball wobbled outside the post at the critical time.

However, one thing everyone seems to not mention is that with 10 minutes to go Hook missed a droppie from right in front - perhaps that could just as easily contribute to their sense of "So close". This penalty kick is not the only chance the Welsh had to win the game.

And FWIW I thought the Welsh played exceedingly well and were very unlucky not to take it, but I wouldn't pin the loss on just this kick.


Anonymous said...

Robert Guyton said at 11.10am:

"You're playing the man, Inv2.
Playing the man. That's a no-no here on Keeping Stock, as you often point out."

The same Robert Guyton said:

September 6, 2011 3:13 PM
"....... in which you charge me with 'playing the man' - are you not ... playing the man?"

Sauce anyone?

Tinman said...

I watched the first 20 minutes of the game.

Barnes is a cheat or totally incompetent!

I favour the first.

Inventory2 said...

I'm not so sure about your last comment pdm; just heard de Villiers on the radio news saying that they might have to get a replacement lock with both Matfield and Botha injured. To do that, one or other would have to be dropped from the Saffer squad under the IRB's rules. That would be a major blow for South Africa.