Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A tale of two sets of abs...

We were going to post this yesterday, but work, and then Murray McCully's "takeover" of the Auckland waterfront took precedence.

But it's another cracker of a cartoon from Rod Emmerson, and in light of what happened yesterday afternoon, not blogging it yesterday actually makes it more relevant today.

Let's hope that Auckland gets its act together on the train front, and that McCully gets his act together on the waterfront. The we can remember RWC2011 for all the right reasons, because Auckland apart, it's been a huge success so far.

And in the meantime, if Len Brown does indeed aspire to having abs like Sonny Bill's, he might need to spend a bit less time "in da house" and a bit more time "in da gym"; not that we can talk!


robertguyton said...

From an enlightened commentator on my own modest blog Inv2 -

"Auckland Transport is a separate body, with a board that reports to council. And to be clear, that is "reports to the council", not "reports to the mayor".
National designed the council structure, and legislated it into existence. National deliberately made Auckland Transport stand alone, whereas every other council has had the choice on how they manage their transport infrastructure (and most choose to manage them in-house, as much as they can). National appointed the board. Recruitment consultants with National party links selected the senior managers. Auckland Transport is very much National's creation."

James Stephenson said...

If Len wants to big-note and take credit for successes then he has to suck up responsibility for failures.

If the limit of his leadership ability is to call for a report in order to cover his cronies' arses then he should just resign.

Anonymous said...

James based on evidence, you're a twat.
This comment from sanctuary at dimpost sums that fact up quite well:

Talking about this with my fellow Aucklanders, white middle class ones from the shore and the east are (depressingly) largely abysmally ignorant of how this city is run, who does what, and why it has all come to pass. they just cringe that Len Brown says “the world cup is dah house” and they love John Key. With the authoritarian surety of middle class folk everywhere, they are glad “the government” is taking over to “sort things out”. When pressed they are not at all clear what those things are and what the government should do, but none the less they approve of action being taken in a decisive, white way.

Talking to Indians, westies, PI’s, and a couple of hard core christian dudes from Papakura though and they seem to have a much better idea of how the supercity is organised, the difference between a CCO and the train company and the Mayor, and all that boring stuff. They offer a much more informed view of what is going on artound the place.

It is as if the most educated best paid and advantaged Aucklanders have rejected actually finding out anything in favour of Stephen Colbert’s truthiness.

So armed with that knowledge, I can safely say that the view of the governments actions in Auckland is petty much a straight split along partisan lines. Those that liked Len Brown before Friday are outraged. the truthiness of the view of Len Brown held on the Shore and in the East has been confirmed.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant comment on Whaleoil:

September 13, 2011 at 7:02 pm

da nail is in da coffin

Anonymous said...

'Brilliant' and 'Whaleoil' are like 'Rightwing' and 'Intellect' They just do not go together.

James S said...

Brilliant comment over at KeepingStock by anonymous:

'Brilliant' and 'Whaleoil' are like 'Rightwing' and 'Intellect' They just do not go together.


Anonymous said...

Again the politics stinks from the government:
This from their mouthpiece the granny herald:

It will have hardly escaped Key's notice that Labour is now asking questions about who or what was responsible for what happened last Friday.
Phil Goff has made a valid point. You cannot turn up to photo-opportunities as Minister for the Rugby World Cup but pretend you do not have that title when things are not so hunk-dory.

Eventually the blind faith of the right will be sighted by the light of evidence, but I'm not holding my breath!

Anonymous said...

Sad sack anonymous @ 10.07

The comment is from Steve.

To thick to notice detail, huh?

James Stephenson said...

Anonymong 9.57

Leaving aside your pathetic personal abuse, the point is that Len was quite happy to stand up at Eden Park and claim "I had oversight of this success" but when things don't go so well he runs off and hides - he (and you) don't get to have it both ways.

Secondly, if all he can offer by way of leadership with his huge personal office and executive powers, is the obfuscation of calling for a report, then he's not up to the job and should go and do something else.