Thursday, September 1, 2011

What goes around...

There will be much angst today amongst all those who celebrate the release of every new batch of Wikileaks revelations; the Herald reports:

The WikiLeaks website crashed yesterday in an apparent cyber attack after the publication of tens of thousands of once-secret State Department cables by the anti-secrecy organisation raised new concerns about the exposure of confidential United States embassy sources.

" is presently under attack," the group said on Twitter. One hour later, the site and the cables posted there were inaccessible.

WikiLeaks updated its Twitter account to say it was "still under a cyber attack" and directed followers to search for cables on a mirror site or a separate search system,

Officials said the disclosure in the past week of more than 125,000 sensitive documents by WikiLeaks, far more than it had earlier published, further endangered informants and jeopardised US foreign policy goals.

But even funnier is the response from the Wikileaks people:

WikiLeaks fired back at the criticism. "Dear governments, if you don't want your filth exposed, then stop acting like pigs. Simple," the group posted on Twitter.

Oh; that's precious. The organisation that has made its name through illegally obtaining sensitive government documents and releasing them via the internet shrills and resorts to abuse when it gets attacked; via the internet.

Obviously no-one at Wikileaks is familiar with the phrase "what goes around comes around". The irony of this is something to behold!


Anonymous said...

You'd be wise to adhere to the what goes around comes around mantra Mr Anonymous INV2 Un-Christian Fraud. Your exposure will be all the more revealing closer to the election when it becomes MSM news and all the words you've blogged will need to be owned up to. There's a large smear campaign in the archives of this place...

Tinman said...

The word verification as I read your comment is "craxp".

Almost got it right!

jabba said...

didn't know that christians were not allowed to express opinions .. learn something new everyday