Friday, September 23, 2011

What's upset Trevor?

Trevor Mallard is in a mood most foul this morning. Over at Red Alert, and under the heading bill english funds bryce edwards (yes; that's how the former Education Minister has punctuated the title!) he blogs:

Interesting disclosure from David Farrar yesterday. He, along with Matthew Hooton, and (waste of members money) PSA are bankrolling Bryce Edwards, one of the few remaining supporters of the Alliance, to provide the political commentary which mainly attacks Labour and the Greens from the looney left. The guy makes Margaret Mutu look like a well balanced academic.

As we all know the majority of Farrar’s income comes from the taxpayer via a “research” arrangement.

I wonder if Bill English signed the deal off or whether it was just a nod and a wink

This is truly earth-shattering stuff from Mallard. For a start, every issue of Bryce Edwards' NZ Politics Daily which is sent to subscribers carries this disclaimer:

“New Zealand Politics Daily is produced independently by Bryce Edwards, Department of Politics, University of Otago, with the help of a research assistant who is paid for by the sponsorship of:
Curia Market Research – the place to go if you want to know what New Zealanders are thinking
Exceltium Ltd – New Zealand’s most successful corporate and public affairs consultancy
PSA – the public sector union advocating for strong public services and decent work.”

So it's pretty obvious that Mallard is using the sponsorship by David "Happy Feet" Farrar's company Curia Market Research as a means to attack Bill English, who is allegedly siphoning funds from the governments accounts to fund a left-winger to write about politics. The fact the Curia is a privately-owned company, with plenty of external clients is irrelevant to Mallard.

This is almost Winston Peters Conspiracy 101 stuff. But what is worse is that by blogging it at Red Alert, Mallard aligns his personal opinion to that of the Labour Party; after all, Red Alert purports to be the voice of Labour MP's.

Trevor's had a bad week. The Erin Leigh saga has re-emerged, after the Supreme Court found that Ms Leigh could take a defamation action against one of Mallard's advisers. Mallard also defamed Erin Leigh, but because he did it under parliamentary privilege, he is untouchable. But the Erin Leigh case remains an appalling instance of bullying by ministers and their advisers; Labour Party ministers to boot.

We posted a comment on Trevor's blog-post; we said:

Inventory2 says: Well Trevor; you’d know all about running a business wouldn’t you. Haven’t you learnt yet that the voting public is so over all the smears and innuendo? They’re sooooo 1999-2008

The comment lasted a mere 10 minutes, before it was replaced with this invitation:

Use your own blog not ours. Trevor

So we've taken up Trevor's invitation, hence this post. We absolutely stand by the comment that we made about smears and innuendo, because like the "American bagman", Trevor is good at making allegations, but not so skilled at substantiating them. We guess that this is what Cameron Slater is referring to when he talks about Labour's "stealing underpants" strategy!

Disclaimer: We've never met Trevor Mallard, although we saw him at Copperfields a few weeks ago. We've never met Bryce Edwards, and have no personal, professional or financial relationship with him. We met David Farrar for the first time earlier this year, and we have a financial relationship with him; when we meet him next time, it's his turn to buy a round!


Lofty said...

"Curia’s principal, David Farrar, has over ten years of experience in all aspects of polling from question design to results analysis, including a significant number for recent New Zealand Prime Ministers". (Taken from Curia's website)

I guess in the very faint scenario of the bully boy making PM, David would not be polling for him eh!

And good for you IV2 for this post.

Anonymous said...

The next time Trevor Mallard comments at Kiwiblog or Gotcha (as he does from time to time), it would be appropriate if his comment were deleted with the message "Use your own blog not ours."

Barnsley Bill said...

Good luck with that round he owes you

Mike. said...

INV2, but who are you?

gravedodger said...

Good work Iv2 getting up the nose of that shameful duplitious coward is every thinking bloggers duty.
I wouldn't delete his comments its gold out there

kevin said...

mallard = a yesterday 'man'...

robertguyton said...

"The comment lasted a mere 10 minutes, before it was replaced with this invitation:

Use your own blog not ours. Trevor"

Oh My Goodness Inv2!!!
Fancy someone saying that to you!!
And fancy you taking umbrage!!
I can hardly contain my outpouring of sympathy for you.

robertguyton said...

"Use your own blog, not ours"

Oh dear, oh dear, ohhhhhhhh dear!!!!

Sounded like a spoiled brat, didn't he!

Anonymous said...


Pants on Fire.

Inventory2 said...

He did Robert; so what did I do? I used my own blog. As have Dim-Post, Imperator Fish and Robert Winter among others. Plus there are negative comments on Red Alert from the likes of Andrew Geddis, Chris Trotter and Morgan Godfrey, all of whom are absolute right-wing icons.

Mallard has been stupid and defamatory, and I've heard a whisper that at least one of those named has taken legal advice with a view to suing Mallard. It's not before time.

robertguyton said...

You bought Farrar a round?
Suck up :-)

Inventory2 said...

We was a guest in my town, and that's what a gentleman does. He said he'd buy the second, but by the time he'd finished his first, it was time for him to go. I had been warned mind...

Anonymous said...

Dude it's always DPF's round next time! Cheers GPT

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