Monday, September 12, 2011

Where's Happy Feet?

The Dom-Post has tried to paint a rosy picture as to the whereabouts of Happy Feet - check this out:

The transmitter attached to Happy Feet before his release appears to have stopped transmitting.

The transmitter had been sending back tracking information which showed he had travelled south and then east of his drop off location at 51 degrees south.

Our Far South, the company helping to use the tracking data to come up with locations, has not received a transmit since September 9.

It was initially thought that solar flares could be disrupting the signal.

However, the company now believes the most likely scenario is that the transmitter has fallen off.

"After all it was only glued on and would have had to survive extreme conditions.

It will be at least a couple of days before we know for sure that the transmitter is no longer working."

Other possibilities included transmitter damage or technical failure.

We can think of at least one other possibility, which might or might not have something to do with a well-fed sea mammal having indigestion whilst trying to swallow electrical equipment.

Unfortunately, Happy Feet's return to the wild was always likely to end in tears; after all; he defied the odds in making it to New Zealand in the first place!

And in a remarkable piece of timing, the other Happy Feet had an adventure of his own this morning:

Angus Hodgson
you almost got run over by a bus. On Manners Street of all places!

David Farrar
Close call. I could have lost some toes! My fault also.

Is this the end of the Happy Feet story?


TCrwdb said...

I suspect the radio waves are having trouble penetrating several inches of Orca blubber.

PM of NZ said...

Probably lost in train tunnel near Britomart trying to get to the RWC opening ceremony.

Wonder if he'll get a refund on the taxpayer's tab?

robertguyton said...


Inventory2 said...

Very good Rob; factually a load of bollocks, but good all the same.

robertguyton said...

Ha! In the comments your good friend Lofty reckons it's Slater. You deleted the same suggestion from me earlier today :-)

lofty (1,101) Says:
September 12th, 2011 at 3:44 pm

Whale oil beef hooked ;-)

Jacqueline said...

Gone to the Penguin Farm :(

Anonymous said...

Hey hey Bro I am not a good friend of IV2, in fact I wouldn't know him if I fell over him, I do appreciate his hospitality on his blog though. As I am sure you do eh.

As for you Bobby, you are my bro, and even though you can be quite hurtful at times, I don't mind you reusing my comments.

Anonymous said...

Oh and Bobby, I would not expect IV2 to delete my comment as I made it on Kiwiblog, not here.

Inventory2 said...

Good point Lofty. I have no responsibility for comments made on other blogs, which Robert quotes here as though they were made here. His attempt to paint me as hypocritical makes him look like something of a pillock.

Anonymous said...

Ah well IV2, you know what they say, you can pick your friends but not your relatives, therefore I apologise on behalf of my long lost brother Bobby G...I am sure he will not mind.;-)


Anonymous said...

I blame climate change.


robertguyton said...

Now you're both being big sillies!
I loved Lofty's comment, not just cause he's my bro, but because it's funny!
You deleted my almost-identical comment Inv2. I thought it worth noting. Of note too Lofty, is our familial connection, as evidenced by our congruence of thought. I always could tell what you were thinking about, even though you were hundreds of miles away. Sometimes, that was very, very disturbing, especially during your 'dark' years.

Anonymous said...

yes Bobby yes I too feel that energy.
I will be in Riverton soon, can we have a family reunion do you think??

Well when I say soon, I mean in the next 5 years or so.

Cheers bro


robertguyton said...

Lofty - you know you don't have to ask!
I've begun re-painting the lounge already and making up your 'special' bed the way you like it - the soft toys, the 'tinkle-pot' (remember the tinkle-pot Lofty - oh the fun you had!) and the mosquito nets (has the therapy done any good Loft? How we felt for you during those long nights of screaming, and all over one little insect!).
I'm having that photo blown-up for the bedroom wall too Loft - can't really have it visible to any visitors eh, but it'll make you feel at home and remind you of how far you've come since those dark days captured so poignantly in what I like to think of as your 'studs and suds' period.
Drop me a line before you get to town Loft. I'll arrange for the chickens to be boarded-out for your visit.
All the best Bro.
Oh, dinner - tripe and onions still your fav ;-)

Anonymous said...

I am almost overcome Bobby.

I don't know what to say, except you are a funny bastard, and that is a big compliment from me in this day and age of really very unfunny bastards.

You never know I may well turn up on my travels, fly rod in hand.
You can let the chooks rest (or should that be roost?) in my room as I won't impose myself and those flashbacks to a time best forgotten (although I see you do not mind bringing the episodes up, do you)I will merely say gidday and move on.Your new family does not need to be traumatised.

I hear that you are allowing the dirtying up of my much loved Southland rivers Bobby. What are you up to???


Suz said...

I'm thinking Te Radar could film an awesome ratings winner doco on said family reunion. Bringing a tear to my eye just thinkin' 'bout it!

Inventory2 said...

Please now Suz; haven't enough taxpayer dollars been flushed down the dunny already on Happy Feet?

Suz said...

But in this case it will at least be an organic, self-composting long-drop in Robert's case, and who could resist the sight of 2 long-lost brothers, rugby-post indentations, phobias, Post traumatic stress disorders galore...Hell, I reckon even Oprah might come out of retirement for this one...think of the money!!

Inventory2 said...

Suz - has anyone ever told you that you are one wicked woman??!!

Suz said...

Frequently Inv, much to my shame ;)

Inventory2 said...

D'yo think we should just park that line of thought right there Suz?