Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is David Parker in strife?

David "Happy Feet" Farrar gave Labour leadership aspirant and Epsom candidate David Parker the chance of a lifetime. The author of New Zealand's most widely read blog allowed Parker to compose a guest post, which was published on Saturday.

Unfortunately for Parker, he chose to include in his post an allegation against the Act Party, the Sensible Sentencing Trust and former Act MP David Garret. We will not repeat the allegation, but Farrar has already added a disclaimer to the post, presumably to innoculate himself from legal fallout. And the Act Party, the SST and Garrett have all given categorical denials of Parker's accusation.

And it's gone a step further; the Sensible Sentencing Trust has today issued this media statement:

It could be a very expensive election for Labour MP and Epsom candidate David Parker after he has been caught out telling lies and faces possible defamation action.

As a guest commentator on Kiwi Blog under the heading 'What’s going on in Epsom' Mr Parker stated that the Sensible Sentencing Trust had made a large donation to the Act Party in exchange for Trust lawyer, David Garrett, being appointed Act's law and order Spokesman at No. 5 on the list.

Mr Parker's allegations may be found here at Kiwiblog.

Sensible Sentencing Trust Spokesman, Garth McVicar said the Trust had never made a financial donation to Act or any other political party.

"The Trust has many thousands of supporters throughout New Zealand and I imagine many of them will be very concerned to think their donations may be given to a political party."

"I would like to take this opportunity to assure our supporters that the Trust is strictly non-aligned and not one cent of donations has ever been given to any political party."

“Mr Parker's allegations are untrue and damaging to the Sensible Sentencing Trust.

"As Founder and Spokesman of Sensible Sentencing Trust I believe his comments to be a personal attack on my integrity and honesty."

"I have asked our lawyers for a legal opinion on taking proceedings against Mr Parker".

It hasn't been a good day for Labour today as far as the Epsom election race goes. We will be watching with interest to see whether Parker does the pragmatic thing, unconditionally withdraws an allegation which has been denied by all those involved, and apologises. If he does not, it may be a costly lesson for him, both financially and in terms of losing the opportunity to form a government if National does indeed have Act as a potential coalition partner because of the attacks on the party and on John Banks.


The sun of gosh said...

what would jesus have done?
a) withdrawn and apologised
b) made claims about the past that could not be verified and were rejected by millions of others
c) stolen the identity of baby from an immaculate conception?

Barnsley Bill said...

Why are any of you surprised by parker and his behaviour? Shit you have had enough clues:
Labour MP. Check.
Dodgy business dealings. Check
Pinching the wife of a severeley ill kiwi icon. Check.

The only surprise is that he has climbed of Chris Knox's wife long enough to start doing what he is programmed to do.

Anonymous said...

This prick deserves public rebuke. The labour leadership pickings are narrowing practically by the hour. I heard silent T speaking to Larry Williams earlier tonight. Silent T made his lack of economic ignorance almost palpable.


Anonymous said...

Sorry double negative in my past comment.


Inventory2 said...

Keep the personal/family stuff out of it thanks gentlemen

Robert Winter said...


robertguyton said...

Inv2 - you refer to Barnsley Bill and Cadwallader with their disgraceful slurs, as 'gentlemen'.
Are you sick?

Those foul-mouthed commentators are getting very frothed up over a pretty ordinary sort of claim. Must be some deep ulcer being provoked.

I wish you good luck, David Parker.

Inventory2 said...

"Gentlemen" was a very generic term Robert.

And as as principled Green, I would have thought that you would regard an allegation of buying a party list place as something more serious than a "pretty ordinary sort of claim"...

robertguyton said...

If it's proven to be untrue, Inv2.
Should be a cinch for the SST lawyers to clear up.
Til then, I'll reserve my judgement.
I don't rush in, boots and all, with accusations, when the situation is unclear and some parties are known to be deceivers.

James said...

Guyton and Winter...isn't there a rock somewhere waiting for you two to slither back under...?

robertguyton said...

Certainly Robert Winter's comment 'Exactly' is deserving of Righteous Scorn, James - good for you! You are like the Winged Avenger!

Robert Winter said...

In agreeing with the host of this most conservative blog, I attract approbrium from "James"? Stange world.

Inventory2 said...

It is indeed a strange world Robert. I got your meaning though!

Robert Winter said...

Thought you would. I doubt if we disagree on what is fair game and what isn't.

Anonymous said...

INV2, your chums Barnsley and Cadwaller seem like thoroughly decent blokes. You must be proud of them. They appear to be ironic, amusing, clever and pleasant. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all christian conservatives aspired to be like them.

I for one will try. To do so i will shed all of my IQ points, ignore the education I had from my wonderful family and begin to behave like a dickhead.

Nick said...

Robert, who are the "deceivers" you talk of?

Inventory2 said...

@ Nick; you're quite possibly one of them, although I suspect it's Robert's none-too-subtle way of relitigating the David Garrett affair.

BTW; did you see that Garrett is now able to practice as a solicitor again. I guess he's now paid the official price for his mistakes when younger.

Anonymous said...

The official price is the one decreed by God our heavenly father. You know that, Inv2. It is a price not a single human can avoid. We are all with sin. Some more than others.

robertguyton said...

Garrett's paid the official price for his baby-identity stealing past?
Looks like Banks is soon the pay the unofficial price for his earlier 'mistakes'.
The wheel of life, eh! Turning, turning...