Monday, October 24, 2011

Not everyone's happy though...

The All Blacks had a magnificent, if ugly win in the Rugby World Cup final, but of course not everyone's happy:

To use that immortal line from one of our all-time fave movies, Monty Python's Life of Brian:

There's no pleasin' some people.

On the other hand, Whaleoil has a great suggestion; today is ALL BLACKS DAY! We have no problem agreeing with that!!



I would have liked to have seen the Queen present the cup.
Surely , HRH could have popped over from Canberra for a couple of days.
I know there's some protocol about royal visits in election year, but didn't Gaffe agree to a potential visit.

robertguyton said...

No, Inv2, today is Fonterra Day! All across the land, the Fonterra People are staging a Mighty Birthday Bash to celebrate dairying in New Zealand! There are celebratory functions up and down the motu, with free icecream and everything! I'm going to Invercargill's (Specially Invited Guest), so don't give me any of your 'All Black Day', today's about milk and money!

Inventory2 said...

Enjoy your time with those capitalists Robert, and mind that they don't try to convert you to their way of thinking. Is that the do that butchers have made 60,000 snarlers for?

robertguyton said...

I don't doubt it will be, Inv2, meat and milk - they go together sdo well!
I followed your link to The Standard (thanks for that, I don't visit there often) and found two interesting comments - I hope you'll bear with me:

"Just heard Helen Clark on Newstalk ZB, talking in very positive terms about hosting (and hopefully winning!). Good on her."


"Just got off the phone. Was talking to my English friend who had been over here for four weeks following the rugby., now returned to England and was watdhing the final over there.
She was aghast at Key’s lack of etiquette as you have just described Eddie. I hadn’t seen it – was busy wailing in anguish in the kitchen where I had fled at the sound of …. “and the honourable John Key…”.’cos I can hardly bear the sight of him anymore.
My friend said that after the trophy had been presented to Ritchie Mac, Key leaned across the IRB chap to shake his hand but the IRB boss, quite correctly, put him in his place by moving in front of Key’s hand and shaking Richie’s hand himself, as it should be. She said Key was just trying to promote himself and added “what a dreadful little man!.”
This from an English viewer and rugby fan and even she can sum Key up from 12,000kms. What’s wrong with the ’70% Kwis’ that think he’s the bees knees? I think Key has made a bit of an ass of himself ( and us) in front of the world, and at a world cup precentation! No class. Good job the All Blacks did us proud."

Inventory2 said...

I absolutely agree that Helen Clark deserves credit for her enthusiasm to make and win the bid for hosting rights.

But the comments about Key don't even deserve a response. It's ironic that the Left condemned personal attacks on Clark et al, yet they have done nothing but make personal attacks since well before the 2008 election; hypocrisy much?

robertguyton said...

There were personal attacks on Helen Clark by the Right when she was Prime Minister and there are personal attacks on John Key now by the Left.
You just happen to be a Clark-attacker, Inv2. It's your time to defend.

Whafe said...

Bob G - am sure you have been waiting patiently for me to say this, but you are like "watching paint dry"

jabba said...

She was aghast at Key’s lack of etiquette.
Interesting thoughts from your English "friend". What were your friends thoughts on the disrespect Clark showed towards the Queen I wonder?
What about Wussell chasing international visitors in an appalling show of rudeness then the nation seeing this bore screaming in a high pitched voice .. Give my flag back.

jabba said...

and KS, bOb loves rich people, they are the only ones able to afford his veggies

Inventory2 said...

But they're from the Left Jabba, and Robert won't criticise the Left, on principle. Sheesh; he's even hanging onto hope that Winston will be back, because that's the only way that the Greens will be able to be a part of government, even though he despises Peters. That's principle for you.

robertguyton said...

Just leave your petty squabbles aside, Righties, and enjoy the day - after all, we won the cup!

Tinman said...

RG Your part in the NZ rugby team winning the William Webb Ellis Cup was?

robertguyton said...

I was instrumental, Tinman.

Inventory2 said...

You sure that's not



robertguyton said...

No, Inv2. Strum Ental is the small Southland town that I was in when the William Web Ellis Cup was won by our magnificent boys in jet. It's not far from InchClutha (google us).
You and Tinman are tying yourselves in silly knots over goodness knows what! Chill out, enjoy some basking in the reflected glory of our oresome heroes!!!