Thursday, October 20, 2011


We're not quite sure what's gone wriong with the appearance of the blog, but something has.

Since we posted the Who's doing the Occupying post an hour or so ago, all previous posts have disappeared from the front page of Keeping Stock. We've tried a few amendments to the design settings, but nothing seems to be working.

Everything is still there; you just have to click on the Older Posts link at the bottom right of the last post. We know that's a pain for people dropping by for a glance; we'll do what we can to remedy the situation.

As we've said before, we're technical neanderthals, so if anyone has a handy hint, please leave it in the comments section; it will be much appreciated!


robertguyton said...

I warned you, Inv2!
You can't say I didn't.

Hey, while you're puzzling that one out, tell us what you think of the just-released RadioLive poll that has half, that's right HALF of those who voted for Key last time, saying they won't vote for him this time!!!
You love the polls, Inv2, and love to feature them regularly on Keeping Stock - put their one up and let's have a look at that.
:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Inventory2 said...

11% it was actually Rob, and it was also a Horizon poll. They're the ones that still claim 10% support for Winston Peters. Need one say more?

Sir Loin said...

Is it because the Occupying post is so long ?

robertguyton said...

Check your Blogspot settings, Inv2.

And nah, it was the RadioLive one. Half, Inv2, that's 50% saying rack-off to Key. Waaaahooooooo!

Anonymous said...

INV2, Is your blog God's will or your own will and will you or will you not be willing to if we all will?

If you post under your real name you'll be able to get google to help you with it.

What make ye of the tower of babel?

Inventory2 said...

RachJaneKerr Rachael Kerr
EXCLUSIVE: Radiolive/Horizon poll shows 11% of 2008 National Party voters have jumped ship following govt's handling of #Rena disaster

You sure Robert?

Inventory2 said...

Oh; I love it when people ask me to blog under my name; anonymously...

Moist von Lipwig said...

And I bet you love it when an innocuous post headed "Whoops", swerves violently and rapidly off-topic.
One expects it from Robert, as that is his style, but it seems that your troll, who continues to show a deep envy of your Faith, has joined in again.

Inventory2 said...

Quite so Moist; and you'll notice that when Robert's hyperbolic rantings get proved wrong, he buggers off, rather than coming back and apologising for getting it wrong; the man has no shame!

robertguyton said...

You're talking shite again, Inv2.
I was searching for on-line comment about the RadioLive poll, which I heard discussed on the radio. It may be that I heard wrong but I can't find details yet. I've also been sign-writing on the shop window, so while it suits your authoritarian nature to slur me in my absence, I'll forgive you your lack of manners this time.
Moist's comment, btw, is off-thread. I don't know why you tolerate it from him.

robertguyton said...

"A RadioLIVE/HorizonPoll survey found just over half of those who backed the party in 2008, 50.3 percent, believe it could have done more to prevent oil spilling from the ship and polluting the environment."

Here's where I went wrong.

Still, over 50% of those who backed the party in 2008... that's not good news for the hopeless Nats :-)
That discontent will build and build as the oil continues to spew out and the cost of the clean-up rises. Those along the coast and on Motit Island who have been gathering kaimoana to supplement their meagre incomes, won't be votong National at this election, that's foreshore.

jabba said...

maybe the Nats should bribe would be voters, just a thought, what do you think about thet bOb?

James Stephenson said...

Interestingly the self-select, sign yourself up under any name, as many times as you like, Horizon "poll" is of "1900 people" according to the news story.

If you goggle "Horizon poll" it seems that a couple of months ago it was only 1200 people, so does anyone else think there might have been a concerted effort to further influence already stupidly skewed results? Obviously not our Riverton Correspondent.

robertguyton said...

James is questioning the validity of the polls! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Classic, James. The 'Key is popular as hell' polls are shite then?
Oh yes, they are!

James Stephenson said...

Those "Key is popular as.." polls certainly seem to carry more credibility of method and results but then they also show the Greens at record highs so you might be correct.

Moist von Lipwig said...

Joining invisible dots again Robert?

First you say
"HALF of those who voted for Key last time, saying they won't vote for him this time!!!"

Then you say
"just over half of those who backed the party in 2008, 50.3 percent, believe it could have done more to prevent oil spilling from the ship and polluting the environment."

So which is your story?
Are half not going to vote for him this time, or are half just disappointed in the oil spill cleanup? Do you see a difference here?

jabba said...

Moist .. you are asking bOb for details .. bOb doesn’t do details, he just teases and runs like a little kid .. he is the funniest 60yo I "know"

robertguyton said...

Moist - you've asked me something that I've already answered. See above (try to focus).

Jabba - remember what your mum always said to you as she strapped on your sandals and wound your turban;


That's good advice and you should remember it always!

Moist von Lipwig said...

Not even close to providing facts Robert. Do try harder.
So as well as invisible, they are imaginary dots too?
I can see the Paint by Numbers set is going to be a waste in your Xmas stocking.