Saturday, November 5, 2011

Oh David!

David Cunliffe is strongly rumoured to have an interest in challenging for the Labour Party leadership sometime in late November/early December.

He's always seemed a decent enough sort, even though he's not backward at coming forward. So it would be interesting to learn what Labour's female MP's make of his gaffe yesterday. Here's a clip from Paul Henry's RadioLive programme yesterday afternoon; listen to Henry's introduction for context. When the interview itself begins, Cunliffe makes a throwaway comment:

Gidday, and I'm still trying to get my head around you and Metiria having offspring, and what they'd be like.

That of course gives Paul Henry licence; he asks, noting "well, you brought this up":

Do you sometimes think that if everyone died and there were only these people in this House, who would I make children with?

Cunliffe's reply was instantaneous, and not especially nice:

Well, I have thought that if Judith Collins was the last woman on earth, the species would probably become extinct.

We're sorry Mr Cunliffe, but that is grossly offensive; to Judith Collins, to her husband, and to her children. It's also offensive to women in general.

We somehow doubt that apologies come naturally to David Cunliffe, so here's a chance to prove us wrong. We call on Cunliffe to apologise sincerely to Judith Collins and her family, and to do so publicly; after all, his offensive remark was made in a very public forum.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Now you know why it's the Nazti Party

Inventory2 said...

That's a little gratuitous Adolf; let's leave the nastiness to them.

Moist von Lipwig said...

So Labour has a eugenics policy then?

Jacqueline said...

Oh c'mon.

I am so glad that i am not a politician. I like being able to crack jokes without having to apologise wayyyy too much.

Tell me you think Judith Collins is sexy INV2 and i will vote National! ;)

Inventory2 said...

I can't say things like that Jacqui; my darling wife would deal to me, and I can't afford another divorce!

Jacqueline said...

Excuses excuses!

Judith Collins would scare the living daylights out of most men!

Have a great Saturday buddy!Hope it is sunnier down there than it is up here!

Sir Loin said...

Judith Collins is way sexier than those two young light weights in Auckland Central.

I see from Google that Farrar & the other right wing bloggers are trying to whip up a bit of media interest in the story. ( I wonder if they are working in concert ?) Doesn't appear to be working yet.

Anonymous said...

The only notable issue here is not the comment itself but the predictable lack of outrage from the lefty lamestream media. However if Bill English had said it....

jabba said...

I think she is ok .. lumps and bumps where they should be .. I am surprised JS thinks it is funny.
I thought Paul Henry's mo dig was funny but he was slagged off by woman/the left everywhere?!!!!

Jacqueline said...

Paul Henry's moustache comment was kinda funny - I have made a similar comment regarding that awful Helen Kelly.

Moustaches on women are always fair game to make fun of!