Monday, November 7, 2011

That's not very principled Robyn

Robyn Malcolm has shown the ugly side of the Green Party; the Herald reports:

The Greens' election campaign opened with a vitriolic attack on Prime Minister John Key and his Government from actor Robyn Malcolm who savaged what she described as his preference for photo opportunities over tackling environmental and social problems.

The Outrageous Fortune star MC'ed the Greens' opening in Wellington, as she did three years earlier, when "we ended up voting in a Government who've revealed their total lack of interest in leading us into the 21st century with any innovation, courage, or social integrity, despite what a nice guy he [Mr Key] seems to be".

The National Government had shown an "unshakeable and abiding love" of new roads and fossil fuels "and will gut any part of our landscape to get at them".

The Greens have been buoyed by polls showing them with 10 per cent voter support three weeks before the election.

10 per cent support for the Greens eh? Just as they seem poised to be viewed as a more moderate option than previous Green efforts, Robyn Malcolm turns on the nastiness.

And of course, there's a Hobbit hangover:

National had demonstrated "a disregard for the 200,000 children living below the international poverty line", a "clear lack of understanding on how to support children's education", and a "dispassionate and punitive approach to those in our prisons," she said.

The Prime Minister and his party had "an inability to follow through on promises of any kind ... and now a determination to sell a percentage of our strong revenue returning assets".

But National would "make anything up for a Hollywood mogul should they happen to come down this way" - a reference to employment law changes made in response to Sir Peter Jackson's warnings his Hobbit films would not be made here.

Malcolm was, of course, at the centre of the dispute over The Hobbitt last year; fronting for NZ Actors' Equity and the Australian union MEAA, she backed the wrong horse, and the movie is now under production in New Zealand.

But the union actions at the time were described by Rosemary McLeod as "the most inept industrial action of my lifetime", and we wouldn't disagree. Surely the strategists in the Green Party, who up until now have made every post a winner have seen that attacks on John Key don't work, especially when there's underlying bitterness on the part of the attacker. To have allowed Robyn Malcolm to be the headline-grabber in today's Herald is - well, inept!

So that's a fail mark for the Greens, and their hopes of taking 15 seats in three weeks time might just have been dented. Robyn Malcolm might be a reasonable actress, but as a union stooge and political activist, she has a lot to learn.


Robert Winter said...

"his preference for photo opportunities over tackling environmental and social problems"

"their total lack of interest in leading us into the 21st century with any innovation, courage, or social integrity, despite what a nice guy he [Mr Key] seems to be".

"unshakeable and abiding love" of new roads and fossil fuels "

I could go on but there is nothing particularly nasty about this and for many of us, she simply speaks the truth.

As for the Hobbit legislation, it remains one of the most appalling pieces of knee-bending to international capital that I have ever seen. Those films were never going anywhere, and we were done in terms of more government money and the loss of employee rights like turkeys at Christmas.

gravedodger said...

If Mr Winter ever pulls his head out of his arse he will possibly notice what a stupid is stupid was prick he actually is.
Ms Malcolm is a complete BINT

Her vacuous illinformed perception of the most popular Prime Minister who leads the most popular government since the Holland Government smashed the cloth capped Communist fifth columnists in 1950 indicates her shallow understanding of what it takes to slowly unwind the idiotic and economically catostrophic socialist vote retention scheme introduced by the focussed and very effective Helen Clark over the decade of using the NZ Labour party to launch her current career at the U. N.
Ms Robyn Malcolm may be a leading actor in the incestuous little cesspit that survives in New Zealand's drama community but if she feels she is a "Chosen One" do what Mr Key did and go offshore and try her luck . If however she is so certain she has a place as a local political figure, put her name on a ballot paper for an electorate seat and get the peoples opinion, it could be very revealing for her.

Robert Winter said...

Thank you, Mr Dodger, for your earthy, nay, piquant insights into NZ's political economy and my own an anatomy. You introduce a level of debate unusual (in my experience) on the this blog, but, as they say, it does take all sorts.

Quintin Hogg said...

My reaction when I looked at the front page of the Herald this morning was to ask myself who the star was?

My next question, rhetorical, of course was to ask what depths will the herald next plumb.

Ms Malcolm has as much to do with political discourse as Winston has with integrity.

Personally, I have no problem with roads and hydrocarbons. Resort to railway lines is to leap backwards to a mythical 18th century utopia. And to a certain extent so to is coastal shipping.

I suspect that Ms Malcolms comments will mean she is on the outer when she next wishes to visit friends in Omaha or matakana.

Suz said...

What a vile, pig-ignorant attack there Gravedodger.

Robert Winter would have to be one of the most erudite, well-mannered commenters around, and far from deserving of your vitriol. The exchange between the two of you speaks volumes.

Inventory2 said...

Goodness; I turn my back for a few minutes to go to a meeting, and look what happens!

@ GD; I agree with Suz with regard to Robert Winter; although he is a Labour supporter/activist, he is polite, and he also loves cricket, so he has that going for him as well. I don't condone your attack on him, but nor do I agree with Robert's sentiments towards Ms Malcolm and her rant yesterday.

If people are going to use their public profile to try and influence political outcome, they have to expect fall-out; that's especially the case with Malcom after her poltical activism last year.

Tinman said...

Well said GD, perfectly put and, based on the almost instant nutter reaction, I'm not the only one who thinks so.

This sheila pretends to be someone else for a living, badly I'm told - I've never seen it.

The sheila has as much credibility as at least one of your attackers here today.

Suz said...

Tinman..can you define your version of "credibility" for both me and Inv?

And could you try and do it without your usual bullying tactics.


Anonymous said...

This is the tabloid blog. Don't act so surprised Robert. Nastiness is bread and butter here and the kind of pudding Inventory and Gravedodger like to serve up regularly.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr Slack on twitter sums it up perfectly:
"MC offers witty, incisive criticism of man campaigning to be PM? Can't have that. Let's call it vitriolic. Also a savaging."

This blog is 200000x full of nastier vitriol than Robyn Malcom.

Anonymous said...

Does this help clarify the awkward situation that's developed here?

The Sexton said...

Where is Grevedodger?

Inventory2 said...

@ Anon (10.21am) and Anon (10.32am)

You need to get out and about more; this is what "nasty" is:

I don't see you castigating The Standard for blatant defamation. Perhaps your agenda won't let you.

Anonymous said...

Want to see nasty? You've come to the Right place.

Sir Loin said...

Come November 27 the Green's will banging on John Key's door wanting to cut a deal. Robyn Malcolm is just boosting her cred in Grey Lynn.

Anonymous said...

Your anonymity, hypocrisy and failure to accept your actions by deflecting the justified criticism to a third party merely illustrates your irrelevance in any debate of integrity INV2.This place is nasty and will remain so until you come to terms with your negativity. Just because others are awful doesn't mean you should be, or should encourage such vitriol with incendiary posts.

I have no agenda but that which is God's will. Shalom!

Green-Blue said...

And now bloody Key is going to cuddle up to that horrible little man Banks because the Greens have pinged him on his terrible record. Pathetic. And he claims ACT has been stable!!! Liar. SUCH a blatant lie!

E. Topp (Elaine) said...

I2 you are sounding more and more like an old spinster that hasn't had a man in her bed for years! Why the bitterness and the bile and attacks on women like Robyn Malcolm? You criticism and point the finger as though you were some sort of divine authority. I'm sure that there are many others who have followed this blog quietly in the background are like me, giving up on you and your spinsterish ways (I apologise to any real spinsters who might be still reading this blog though I expect you stopped long ago the bitterness has just become too much) Why you feel you have to showcase every one you don't agree with and rubbish their views is beyond my understanding I2 and it really worries me that you can't see that those who do continue to support your attacks are themselves deeply unpleasant people, tinman and gravedodger being examples from today. Are you not able to see this ? If you give me your email I would like to talk privately about what is happening to you. Though I'm finished with reading your blog I don't want to see you slide further into bitterness and self loathing.

Anonymous said...

Point one finger Inventory and three fingers point back at you

Moist von Lipwig said...

Ms Malcolm's presence at the Greens campaign launch had about as much impact on the NZ political scene as did John Rowles at the NZ First launch, and should be seen as the lightweight populist crap that it is.
Mr Rowles had the good sense to stick to something he knew about. Ms Malcolm would have been wiser to treat us to a few verses of "Cheryl Moana Marie", but instead chose to attack the Prime Minister. Neither she nor the Greens seem to have grasped the fact that this does not resonate with the electorate any more. If she chooses to stick her head above the parapet and express such opinions, however vacuous, she should expect some fierce negative reaction.
Thank you GD for your perfect summing up.
Erudition and politeness do not always preclude one from having ones head up ones arse from time to time.

E. Topp (Elaine) said...

Do my eyes deceive me I2 or are you deleting comments?

Inventory2 said...

It must be your eyes Elaine; I haven't deleted anything today

Inventory2 said...

Just checked my "spam" folder, and your first comment was sitting there Elaine; I've released it.

I didn't think my comments towards Robyn Malcolm were at all bilious; it's the Herald which described them as "a vitriolic attack on Prime Minister John Key"

Suz said...

But it's ok I'm a nutter Inv..& you too by agreeing with me,according to
GD's disgraceful aspersions toward Robert Winter via Tinman..I used to love visiting here Inv; it's now as deviantly low as so many of its once condolences.

Kerry said...

As Sirloin said the other day: "The measure of a blog's value is if its author gets quoted or interviewed in the media. If they remain anonymous the {insert blog here} author(s) will never get their views out so therefore are irrelevant.

I fear you've reached critical mass in putting off anyone with a true sense of fairness and integrity due to your obsession with the negative INV2. If you put your name to your posts would they be as nasty? Surely you're a righteous notch above those at the Standard to whom you constantly allude?

Sir Loin said...

Kerry - thanks for quoting me but keep it in context.

I was referring to the defacto paid bloggers at "The Standard" who work anonymously on behalf on the unions & the Labour Party. They are acting in an unethical & deceptive manner by pretending to be not associated with a political party.

INV2 is a hobbyist. This is probably an alternative to collecting stamps. Staying anonymous is totally appropriate.

jabba said...

not sure what part of Gravedodgers piece was wrong .. and bOb Winter, I like turkey at Xmas .. yum
I look forward to malcolm standing at the next election in the same way as I'm happy to see Minto, Sykes and Bradford

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful hobby it must be to be a disingenuous negative nonce 91.75% of the time.

One can see how life would be so enjoyable and how kind and open minded it must make one.

adamsmith1922 said...

Oh dear I2 the Greens trolls are out in force

Personally I just ignore Robyn Malcolm

Anonymous2afault said...



Harry said...

Enough name-calling you nincompoops. Let's all agree that this post and discussion has no merit.

Anonymous said...

This post has no merit but the comments are very revealing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, use the ISP addresses to ban all the silly commenters. Quid Pro Quo.

jabba said...

for a month or so, and getting worse the closer the election gets, I have noticed a lot of new Anons and Romans coming to this blog .. I wonder why?

Mark said...

All these watermelons get little stars every they flock to blogs that mention their precious Greens. Notice how the Butch makes a few complimentary comments about Key and Labour show what nasty little fuckers they are, But RM slags off Key with bullshit half truths and feeble attempts to get sound bites and National MPs don't say anything? Shows the class of the right compared with the feral left.

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, use the ISP addresses to ban all the silly commenters. Quid Pro Quo."

Keeping Stock would be a ghost town!
Tumbleweeds, cacti and dust.

Ross said...

My goodness, what a bunch of green slime left all over this thread.

Problem for the green trolls (green=troll; how appropriate when you think of it) is that by reacting in this manner they just demonstrate that in fact the Robyn Malcolm outburst was a massive FAIL in their campaign.

If it wasn't important they wouldn't have reacted.

Yet another fail from a bunch of air wasters