Monday, November 14, 2011

What the locals say about Phil

Now that the oil has been pumped off the Rena, and work has begun to remove more than 1200 containers from the stricken ship, it's time to look at political agendas.

It only took a matter of a few days after the Rena's stranding for two parties in particular to become prophets of doom. We should all be grateful that their prophesies have not come to pass. But they have not gone unnoticed in the Bay of Plenty.

A kind reader sent us this link yesterday; it's to the Letters to the Editor of the Bay of Plenty Times for Friday 11 November 2011. And the letter to which our attention was drawn read thus:

Disgusting photo

I am disgusted at Phil Goff using the Rena oil spill as a photo-opportunity of him, so-say, helping to clean up our beaches.

At the same time he shows his ignorance by attacking the Government regarding the latter's response.

This is hypocrisy of the worse kind as he must be aware of the fact that the Rena hit the reef on a Wednesday morning but in the afternoon of the same day the specialist teams from around the world landed here.

You can't get a quicker response than that.

To the team's dismay it was found that the ship's oil pipe had ruptured and oil was already leaking.

Pumping equipment was flown on board and large amounts of oil were stopped from entering the environment by this method

Phil Goff's scurrilous remarks are an insult to the salvage crew who, often in extremely hazardous conditions, have worked night and day to remove the oil from the Rena.

The volunteers who have cleaned up our beaches are to be congratulated for the fabulous work they have done.

I hope the City Council has worked out a scheme to thank the salvage operators.

I am sure a huge number of Bay residents would support a gathering to thank them and the volunteers.


Catherine Thompson, Tauranga

We agree wholeheatedly with Catherine Thompson's opinion, and in particular her suggestion that some form of public recognition be given to the salvors. Perhaps this is something that the local MP Simon Bridges could turn his attention to.

In the meantime, Phil Goff and several Green MP's need to reflect on their public utterances from the early days of the Rena salvage operation. That all the oil has been removed from the ship with the minimum of damage to the environment is little short of miraculous, and is a credit to the experts who knew what had to be done and did it, rather than the opportunists who were only to quick to point the finger for political gain.


Anonymous said...

Key squealing to police to protect his duplicitous conversation in Epsom is worse than a photo op by Phil.
Key has lost my vote. The attempt to make this out as if it was as bad as NOTW is a disgusting political accusation that reeks of desperation. Sickening to equate the hacking of a dead child's phone to a public meeting being recorded.

Ironic too that Act, the free-market party has been bailed out by the state this election.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone lose something they never had to begin with?

Anonymous said...

he had it last time and now he's lost it. simple.

here's a good take on why:

Anonymous said...

this is a classic:
Similar to your sense of humour from the other day INV2, so right up your alley!
Finally a bit of levity. But I have to ask, I can't help but opine if part deux of Epsom vs Asset Sales is oh dear oh dear oh dear. GOLD!

Anonymous said...

anonymous at 4.02 and 4.23 - you come across as too shallow/obvious for this to be true.

Ingrid said...

What National thought about publishing tape conversations last time it happened:

Ross said...

Anonymous at 4:02 and 4:23pm - are you really that thick.

If National and ACT were stitching up a deal do you really think they would do it in front of NZ's assembled pathetic excuse for media.

Didn't you listen properly in your communist re-education classes - all deals are done in the shadows. Even the capitalists and other enemies of the glorious revolution understand that.

Do I need to report you to the nearest Commissar for further re-eduation.

Sharpen up comrade.

Inventory2 said...

Quite so Ross; the Left cut their deals in smoke-filled rooms, or around a parcel of fish and chips, whereas the Right generally do their dealing over a single malt or two. A cup of tea is not the accepted modus operandi.

Anonymous said...

Too true inv2. The right tend to be drunk in charge. Very well opined.

Anonymous said...

Ruth Dyson?

Ross said...

Anon @8:45 - well done you got a chuckle out of me.

Who will ever forget Robert Muldoon announcing the 1984 snap election - slurring his words, barely standing.

I think we can safely assume that he had had more than a just a single malt or two that night Inv2.

Inventory2 said...

Ah yes; the famous night when Sir Robert was as diabetic as a newt...

Ross said...

Inv2 - just to return to the original theme of this post before Anon@4:02 and 4:23 was working a thread jack (eerily similar style and obsessions to RG BTW).

Please don't be too tough on Phil. He is trying very hard to do a good job of massively losing an election, and is still going to be knifed in the back straight after the election in those smoke filled rooms you refer too - such is the way of the left.

He knows it too - they hate him much more than we ever could, even if we tried to hate like that.

You see - Phil was on the right of Labour when they betrayed the ideals of the 'coven', and when Helen had to prostitute her ideals to fit in and still be a Minister. When Phil sold assets and was part of laying workers off. They hates him, they really precioussssss...