Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Labour leadership Quote of the Day

From David Cunliffe, via the Herald comes this quote:

Asked if this was likely to prove his only shot at the leadership, Mr Cunliffe said he had "a whole lot of summer barbecues and more than one or two cold beers ahead of me before I even approach that kind of question."

"I am pledging complete and total support to the new leader of the Labour Party. I have no leadership ambitions at this point."

Given past tilts at the Labour Party leadership (most notably Phil Goff's attempt to roll Helen Clark), the "whole lot of summer barbecues" comment is probably not going to give David Shearer too much comfort as he settles into the role of Leader of the Opposition.

Nor will Shearer likely be reassured by Cunliffe's statement that the latter is "right behind" the new leader. If David Shearer has read Julius Caesar, he'll be well aware of the need to beware the Ides of March!


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Doesn't it remind you of Indian cricket?

A gaggle of stars, few of whom are capable of playing as a team.

Methinks Cunliffe is playing a dangerous game and he might wake up one morning quite soon to find his throat has been cut.

All he'll have left is his ego and a seat on the back bench.

Sublime said...

As we speak, knives are being sharpened; battle plans drawn up.

Keeping Stock said...

Not "as we speak" Sublime; LabourParty knives are in a perpetual state of sharpness, and battle plans are under constant review.

Sublime said...

True, KS!

... maybe it takes an even sharper knife and even more conniving battle plan to slay such a well-meaning guy who the public appear to like.

Bring on some Question Time :)